Looking for Dungeon Master!

Hey there people!

We are a group of 4-5 people, in our twenties, two girls and some guys, looking for a Dungeon Master for 5e based in Vienna, who could turn a couple of friends into a Party with a Purpose! :smile:

There are two experienced players and the rest are newbies, I’ve only ever played in home-brew campaigns, and I believe the other one has same experiences, so an already written modul is just as good for us as a home-brew or basically anything that sits in the classic fantasy world of DnD, maybe around Faerun. But I guess as long as there are elves and dwarfes it doesn’t really matter what setting it is. :smiley:

We already have a good for nothing, stray tiefling twin pair, and probably an elf druid… the rest of the party is not settled yet. We are open to all ideas and arrangements!

As players I can assure you that these people, these friends of mine are hella fun, downright crazy sometimes, and you will not be bored at all! We come from all around the globe, and what unites us is the thirst for adventure! :footprints: :wink:

We are all based in Vienna, I’d prefer a bi-weekly meetup, one of us can surely provide the place and the snacks as well!

(Most of us are green stuff friendly, might be worth to mention it, and I’m not talking about goblins this time. :smiley: we can of course restrict ourselves, as you wish )

Send me a PM if you’d give us one shot! (horrible pun intended)

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Finding a DM is always the bane of all parties, so I feel you :wink:

However, this is also the reason that it may be difficult to find one here - most people here are already heavily engaged…

It might be a good idea if you and your friends come to the Thursday games (usually not D&D but other RPG stuff) or to the Adventurers League games on Fridays (all D&D 5E). The game nights are always announced here in the forum, and you should sign up int the respective threads. If you get to know some people personally, it may be easier to find someone to DM for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey SheVa!

That’s a really good idea! I will definitly come and check those sessions out. I never really knew how to start playing over here, since I already have a rock solid group of players and DMs in Budapest, where I come from, but almost nothing here. Took me quite a while to talk these people into DnD, and now they are all so excited to play! I sure hope I’ll find someone sooner or later! :smile:

Do you know of any other places where I could be looking for one? :slight_smile:

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I also came to Vienna, knowing no one and nothing ^^, about a year ago. I had a group in Göttingen, Germany, where I lived before, with whom I played for some years, and I also had no idea how to continue playing here. The people of this community are really exceptionally welcoming - no matter if you are an RPG veteran or a complete newbie :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to DM for you myself, after getting to know you and your friends a bit more (you sound like a fun bunch!) - but, unfortunately, I’m at the moment totally tapped out with DMing and playing ^^ so I couldn’t possibly fit another group right now.

But I’m sure you’ll find somebody to DM for you sooner or later, once you get to know some people here :slightly_smiling_face: This forum has often sparked new home-game groups before!


Heya and welcome to the board! As already suggested finding a DM is not that easy as most of us here already have at least one or more groups they run. It’s true you might get lucky at AL in finding one but what I would also suggest is that you talk with your group and see if anyone would be interested in DMing themselves. It’s not as hard as it looks and a lot of fun. You’ll never forget the faces of your players the first time you throw a Beholder at them :smiley:

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Welcome to the community, Lori! Hope you can settle in well. The people here are very enthusiastic about gaming, and the market in Vienna (and the world) is expanding.

Sent you a PM. I posted before that I am willing to DM a playgroup on an irregular schedule, and sent you the original campaign idea we came up with. Unfortunately, we never got started, but my desire to find a group hasn’t changed. If you are interested in the setting we came up with, or would like to discuss ideas for a new one, let me know, since we are still looking for players and haven’t gotten to Session Zero yet, meaning everything is still in the works and up for discussion.

Or if you find or have found another DM, I’d be happy to assimilate into the playgroup and ask the other potential players if they’d like to join in.

Hope to hear from you soon, and may the dice roll ever in your favor!

I’d be up for running something in August. I’m currently working on my BA thesis and other projects so I sadly I’m too busy for now. I’m not a highly experienced DM yet, but practices makes perfect I guess.

I have 1 short campaign pre-written that can either be stand-alone or lead into Tomb of Annihilation.
I also have 2 campaign settings planned for the future, but they are still in the earliest of phases. One is inspired by a video game and is set in a mysterious town with an extensive underground labyrinth. The other is your everyday fantasy world.

If you haven’t found something till August you can send me a PN.

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