Looking for DM for 1-2 new players

Hi everyone!

My name is Anouk, 20 years and i am looking for a DM who would start a new campaign or has space for new players in an existing campaign that isn’t too far ahead. I have a little bit of experience in praxis playing already, watched a lot of dnd podcasts though, so i know a lot of the rules and just the general direction the game can be played in. My friend hasn’t played before, but also doesn’t fully know yet if he would play.

I have already created my own character (Half-Orc Warlock) and I would love to find a DM who wants to cooperate Characters Backstories into the planning and is open to discuss more about it and actually accepts this character, as i have grown very fond of her.

If anyone has any questions, just ask, I would be really happy.


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Welcome. While the friday and saturday games (the V.A.L.U.E. threads) feature mostly one shots, they are still great places to play D&D and meet people. Its also an opportunity for your friend to experience the game before jumping into a long term campaign.