Looking for beginners in Floridsdorf!

Greetings and salutations all!
We are a French-Austrian couple based in Florisdorf and willing to discover more of the pen and paper universe.
As beginners, we ideally would like to partake in small parties (up 4 to players including us) with other beginners and beginner DMs in our geographical vicinity. We have no problem hosting regular events ourselves.
Let us know if anyone patient enough is interested in sharing humble beginnings.
Thanks in advance!

hi there :smiley:
we are in exactly the same position…living in the 3rd district. austrian couple (my french is less then basic but our english is real good :wink: )
we are also interested to get into the pen and paper universe.
please let me know if you guys are still searching? id love to find a groop
all the best
lina (and christoph)

Hello Lina and Christoph, thanks for the reply. of course English is fine.
Are any of you two experienced in being a Dungeon Master ? We are not ( and dont yet possess any games, but could invest in it).
See you soon
Guillaume and Dani

Hi there!

As it happens, me and my fiance intend to start a new campaign as Co-DM’s, meaning we share the DMing responsibilities and are looking for players. We live in the 18th district.
The system would be DnD 5th edition. I’m very happy to show new players the rules and everything, even got the digital toolset to share so no need to buy books for the players.
The main caveat being that we can only DM on Saturdays, because work and also DMing another campaign.

Tell me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

Hey! Id be interested to join up with you!
Im also a beginner in all things dnd and id love to collect some experience. My boyfriend might want to join in to somewhere down the line. We are both still in university so we have some more flexible time lines.
Based in the 12. District.


Hello there, Thanks for the reply, what you offer is close to what we are looking for.
Thing is I work nightshifts and sometimes weekends, means I don´t always have Saturdays free.
Having a dog prevents us to be unreasonably absent, it could depend on how far in the 18th district it is, that is why we offer to host.
Other than that, sounds perfect
see you soon

Hello there, thanks for the reply.
Do you have experience in being a Dungeon Master ? We are not ( and don´t yet possess any games, but could invest in it).
See you soon
Guillaume and Dani

Not a lot but i did dm once before… i could try again🤔

If you don´t mind, that would be great. I didnt find the way to send a private message so you can write me by email gigz1100@gmail.com and we can take time to figure out the details.
thanks in advance

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
@frenchaustro we would love to team up! @Wonderwonka this sounds wonderful! Would there be a way to get to know you all? So we could meet up and see how we work out as a groop?
Looking forward to meeting you all!
Greetings Lina

Very good idea, what about we create a whatsapp group ?

I’ll write Guillaume a mail with my phone number so he can add me via whats app, I think we can talk further details then :slight_smile:

Ill do that too :smiley: great idea