Looking for beginner friendly groups : )

im luna and looking for a group to join this spring :slight_smile: i was in art school in denmark last semester and since i was surrounded by a bunch of nerds, i - inevitably - got into dnd. One of my classmates made a campaign for beginners and we played Lost Mines of Phandelver - and it was really fun. So now I’m back in Vienna for a while and I find myself wanting to play DnD again !! Even though i played it once already, I would still say im relatively new to it and still get very overwhelmed, which is why i’m looking for a beginner friendly group.
(I also don’t know how this website works but I will figure out :’)
anyways, i’d be happy to hear from people ! have a nice day everyone :blush:


Hi & welcome to our little community :slight_smile:

we also run open weekly D&D games called V.A.L.U.E. (that’s our version of Adventurer’s League)
(just right now there is a bit of a break)

those have proven to be a great recruiting ground

happy gaming :game_die:

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also there was one DM posting today that they are looking for a group
:point_right: here


If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly game, we play an earlier version of D&D whose rules are significantly simpler than 5th Ed. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, just drop me a line. Cheers!

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hi! thank u for your reply! that sounds really cool and i’d be interested! I would love some more infos- Unfortunately i dont know how to message someone on this site or if that is even possible ?

THAC0 and me would agree to disagree
but jokes aside @H is a great dm

click on their profile name to enlarge it,
then a blue turquoise :email: MESSAGE button should emerge

you could also click on your icon on the top right corner,
there a :email: sign should pop up

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Hey! I am currently looking for a group as well. I have never played DnD before, but did play some other pen and paper games. If you guys have room for another player I would be thrilled! :slight_smile:

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Considering the shift in timeslots: how about an open T1 campaign, start at Level 1 and see where it leads?


I’m also looking for a longer campaign. Preferably 5e, on Saturday.

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The 5th ed PHB alone has like 5 times the page count of the entire Basic rules …

And, er, thank you. Very much back at you.

Pretty sure it’s a 4th level spell. :slight_smile:

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@H i wanna join too, but jesus, its impossible for me to find the mail button.

private messages are disabled for new forum members until they “earn” the ‘Basic’ badge (discourse trust level 1 - more info on that can be found here)

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my saviour! gracias, mate.

I’m playing a beginner adventure today at 20:00. I’ll dm the details.

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