Looking for beginner friendly groups : )

im luna and looking for a group to join this spring :slight_smile: i was in art school in denmark last semester and since i was surrounded by a bunch of nerds, i - inevitably - got into dnd. One of my classmates made a campaign for beginners and we played Lost Mines of Phandelver - and it was really fun. So now I’m back in Vienna for a while and I find myself wanting to play DnD again !! Even though i played it once already, I would still say im relatively new to it and still get very overwhelmed, which is why i’m looking for a beginner friendly group.
(I also don’t know how this website works but I will figure out :’)
anyways, i’d be happy to hear from people ! have a nice day everyone :blush:


Hi & welcome to our little community :slight_smile:

we also run open weekly D&D games called V.A.L.U.E. (that’s our version of Adventurer’s League)
(just right now there is a bit of a break)

those have proven to be a great recruiting ground

happy gaming :game_die:

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also there was one DM posting today that they are looking for a group
:point_right: here


If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly game, we play an earlier version of D&D whose rules are significantly simpler than 5th Ed. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, just drop me a line. Cheers!

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hi! thank u for your reply! that sounds really cool and i’d be interested! I would love some more infos- Unfortunately i dont know how to message someone on this site or if that is even possible ?

THAC0 and me would agree to disagree
but jokes aside @H is a great dm

click on their profile name to enlarge it,
then a blue turquoise :email: MESSAGE button should emerge

you could also click on your icon on the top right corner,
there a :email: sign should pop up

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Hey! I am currently looking for a group as well. I have never played DnD before, but did play some other pen and paper games. If you guys have room for another player I would be thrilled! :slight_smile:

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Considering the shift in timeslots: how about an open T1 campaign, start at Level 1 and see where it leads?


I’m also looking for a longer campaign. Preferably 5e, on Saturday.

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The 5th ed PHB alone has like 5 times the page count of the entire Basic rules …

And, er, thank you. Very much back at you.

Pretty sure it’s a 4th level spell. :slight_smile:

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