Looking for an English-speaking Pathfinder/AD&D group

…as my introductory post says. I have a good line on at least one other player, but we’re looking for another 2-3 individuals for a group. I’d say that new players as well as experienced ones are more than welcome. In terms of frequency, as a married man and father of a five-year old I can’t commit to super-long sessions during the week; in other words, once or twice a week (most likely on a Friday or Saturday) is more my speed.

Am happy to chat more about details; here’s to great adventures in the future!


I’ve been in touch with Jason and as a slightly more experienced player, am willing to start off DMing if we can’t find players with more experience who would like to do so.

I am happy to meet once a week or even just twice a month on weekends at first, though if we are having fun and want to increase the rate of meetings eventually, I am able to do so.

I am also looking to start a Pathfinder or D&D 3.5 Ed. game, so we’re both on the same page there.

Moreover, I am happy to coach and help other players ease into the games though I will admit that it would make it much easier for all if new players got at least somewhat familiar with the rules of either system before joining.

Hi guys. With regards to time, our group meets up every other Friday. It works well with everyone. So far we ran through “Crypt of the Everflame” which is a GREAT introduction to Pathfinder for players and GMs who have some previous experience with 3.5. Totally recommend it.

Well, if you still have room for one more, I would be over-joyed to get the dices ruling.

Despite my nationality, most of my roleplaying experience was acquired in UK and in the States…

As it turned out, my friday group will be be played on the weekend now (that’s when I can’t play). If you guys are playing on fridays, and are looking for one more player, I would happily join!

Our group is, I am afraid, currently full. We will be holding our first meeting on Friday the 13th of this month and then even other Friday after that.

However, if does seem that between this page and the introductions page, there may be enough people to form another group. I see AmLash and Simon, at the very least, I would be willing to join as long as I got to be a player and meeting times didn’t clash with my own group.

Just putting it out there that if AmLash and Simon want to find a GM and form a group, I would be willing to join in an pad the ranks.


Well, if there is a demand, I am always happy to DM… WOuld 4th Edition be ok, though, for a change of pace?