Looking for advice on Iron Kingdoms

Hey guys, I need advice.
I am running an Iron Kingdoms game with a group outside Vienna, who were determined to play the Witchfire Trilogy, an old and venerable adventure still in the old IK system (d20). My question is multipronged.

  1. Has anyone played/GMed IK in general or Witchfire in particular, and if yes, can you give me some tips on how to modernise it?

  2. Does any one have any familiarity with the old AND new IK systems? Because conversion is currently a [word deleted] and besides, it’s apparently less about pure numbers and more about power progression and ARGH.

I would really appreciate some help. There are cookies in it for you, and my eternal gratitude.

I cant really speak to any of this but shouldnt you be able to just use similar creatues in difficulty for the encounters?
I cant imagine the adventure uses stuff you cant simulate with the newer system.

I mean the players shouldnt know unless you tell em? XD