Looking for a player for a long-term d&d 5e campaign!

I recently started running a campaign based on the Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos module, but one of the players dropped out after a couple of sessions and I have an open spot.

We play in person about once every two weeks for ~4 hours, and we don’t have a fixed time slot but it’s usually on weekends or weekday evenings. We’ve only had 5 sessions so far, and I expect the campaign to run for at least the next year depending on availability/how often we meet.

Some more info about the campaign: the story centers around a group of students at a magical university as they attend classes, make friends/rivals, and investigate some mysterious happenings around campus! It’s a very roleplay-heavy game with lots of social encounters and occasional combat, and will run from Level 3 to Level 11-ish. Players new to d&d are very welcome!

A little about me and the group: my name is Emma (she/her) and I’m 26, originally from New York but I’ve been living in Vienna for almost 4 years now. In my free time, I like to do fiber arts (knitting, embroidery, etc), read SFF books, and play ttrpgs. I’ve been DMing for the last few years, mostly online, and I’m looking to play more in person with this campaign. The other players are between 21 and 27 years old, and we play in English. We are all very creative people who like to build/roleplay interesting characters and stories together, but we can also be very silly and like to have a balance of the two in the game.

The games i run are always very queer, as are all of the current players, so anyone interested must be inclusive of all lgbtq+ identities—especially trans, nonbinary, and aro/ace-spec people! It’s also v important to be aware of and actively working to avoid the racist elements built into d&d as a system, and a general policy, my games will not include any form of fantasy racism/stereotyping.

Feel free to leave a comment/message me if you’re interested! I would be happy to chat more about the campaign, my DMing style, and the other players :sparkles:


I might be interested. I’ll DM you. :slight_smile: :rainbow:

I’m interested as well; I am quite an experienced RPG player and DM, I go back to the late 80’s when I first started playing AD&D 1st Edition :slight_smile:
If you are fine with a “granpa” in the group, I would be happy to join.

Not sure if I’m too late to the party or not, but would definitely be interested. I’ve been playing on and off for the last 10 years or so. I thoroughly enjoy the Friday night group, but have also been looking for a long campaign to join as well. If you would like to know more about me or have other questions, please feel free to DM here or on Discord.


Alissa (she/her), 26 years old. I’d be interested in joining the campaign!

Been playing d&d for roughly 2.5 years now. I’m a heavy roleplayer myself so that style of campaign sounds absolutely perfect.

If you have a space, I’d be interested in joining!

Hello :slight_smile: I’m interested , how can I contact you?

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