Looking for a long Term DnD5e Group :)

Hi, im Marco (26) and i’m currently looking for a Group to play DnD 5e.

I’m playing for 3 Years now and was DM-ing a homebrewed Campaign for the last 2 Years.
I got a lot of Sourcebooks for Character Creation in DnD Beyond as well as the Master Tier to share Content.

I would prefer being a Player again but im also very open to start a new Homebrewed Campaign as a DM. :slight_smile:

What kind of DM would I be?
-very open with Character Ideas, and homebrewed Stuff
-would love to implement your Backstory into the World we play in
-using some slightly changed Rules like private Death Saves
-Sessions every 2-3 Weeks mostly in Person
-if its really cool theres a high Chance that i’ll allow it

  • no Rule Warriors or Metagamers :grimacing:

Hit me up if youre interested :smile:

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Hello, i am also interested as a player for a long term campaign. If you find a Dm or you end up DMing something. Please let me know

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I would love to join that Campaign as well :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t mind dming if you wanted to try playing a non-dnd system like blades in the dark or armor astir or something!

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I will look those 2 up and let you know my Thoughts on them :smiley:

me too, pls me too!

Any follow ups?

I’m interested.
Are you planning a session zero