Looking for a group until the end of June


I’m Bartek and I’ll be in Vienna until the end of June/beginning of July, staying for a research visit at TU. I’m a major RPG geek, with 20+ years of experience under my belt (I’m 33 and I started playing with my brother when I was 9; I’m generally ok with whathever age other people are). I’ve played and read a number of systems (curiously not including DnD 5e, since I mostly GM and people would have plenty of other 5e options, so we always ended up choosing something different).

I’d prefer not to GM, since I need some rest from the mental overhead associated with it. I’d preferably meet over weekends for a short campaign, but I’m also generally ok with one-shots. I’ve mostly played trad systems, but I also had some good experience with Fate and Burning Wheel, quite nice experience with Apocalypse World, rather poor experience with Blades in the Dark. I have no experience whatsoever in OSR, but I’m also ready to try it out. I think I can host sessions at my place (Donau-City).

I’m ok if you’d like to first meet for a session or two before deciding whether we fit together. Hopefully, I’m a friendly person. I’ll be leaving at the end of June, so it might a problem if you’re planning for a longer campaign.

EDIT: I know about V.A.L.U.E, but I’ve never participated in Adventurer’s Legue before (I don’t think it’s really a thing in Poland) and the whole concept is weirdly intimidating to me, as I’ve never played with tables consisting fully of strangers. However, I can give it a try, once it reopens.

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