Looking for a group:> (Found one/ no time anymore)

Hi ! A friend and I are looking for a group to play dnd with, we both are in a campaign but would like to join another one to use other characters we have created. We are looking for players and a DM, its okay if you arent so experienced! We will gladly help:> Hope we can become a lovley group:D (We can also speak german -)


YESS I found your post :relieved: The friend here :wave:t3:


Welcome! If you want to come to one or two of the Friday Night open table games those are a great way to meet folk and groups spin out from there.

You looking for face to face, online or don’t care?


Face to face if possibly but online is also very much okay :>


Hiiii I’m also looking for a group! :smiley: English or German, either is fine (however, I do prefer English). I’ve played warhammer a couple of years ago, but other than watching Critical Role I’m not very experienced. ^^’ Both face to face and online work for me.


I would expect you’ll get folk turn up here going ‘this sounds like my thing!’ over time (how the young folks table came together) so be patient and see who responds. [Clove just beat me to it and just proved my point!]

If you like, we’re running a survey to try and figure out what everyone wants - feel free to throw in your preferences on when and what you want to play and in a month or so I’ll see how we can get folk gaming.

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Hi! We would be very happy for you to be a part of this campaign! Would you want to be a player or an dm?

Hi :smiley: Ohh I’m glad to hear (read) that!! I’d like to be a player <: Would you like to exchange discord or telegram?

Alrighty then! My discord is @yours_sincerely_sam

Hey sam, I just posted a request looking for players… ( HELP! …. A world needs saving!) If you are interessted, just let us know.

So long, hava a relaxing sunday evening and would be nice to hear from you

cheers Matt


Hey! My friend and i are very intrested !:>

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You should be added to our discord server… we can chat there

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Ofcourse my @ is @yours_sincerely_sam

Hey Sam, thanxs for your message. At the moment we are actually a bit overwhelmed by the number of respons we got here, but we would like to give everyone a shot to see who fits best. I forwarded your discord to our DM and he will invite you to our server… I myself are a discord newb, so he is in charge there :sweat_smile:

So long all the best, and see you in Discord :wink:

cheers Matt

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Hey there guys :slight_smile: i was at comic-con and got the RPG Vienna discord recommended and found this forum. Im also looking for a DnD group for 2 people (both players). Is there a common place you guys meet, or how do you manage groups normally?

Sincerly, Chris

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Hi :slight_smile:

there are regular D&D 5E oneshots on FR (spiced up with the occ. indie game)
plus also on Saturday, but those are lackling DMs lately

the D&D 5E days have a system, how you can level up and re-use your character on a later day on a different table

look out for threads with VALUE in their name
like this :point_right: one
(V.A.L.U.E. = Vienna Adventurer’s League Ultimate Experience = our AL with Houserules)

V.A.L.U.E. has seen its fair share of open hop-on / hop-off campaigns in the past, but that is the exception not the norm

aside from that, there is also an open D&D - as seen in Stranger Things - table, who play semi-reg. in a different location (if the :sun_with_face: allows it, in a park)
also threads for this one also do pop up regularly

should you look for group elsewhere, make a post here in the forum if you are a GM, or wait for that to happen should you look for one

just as an advice:
the open games are really good to get a feel for other DMs/players and if they would click with you … all of those mentioned above have proved to be a great recruiting ground for campaigns in the past

take care & happy gaming :game_die:

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