Looking for a Game Master


my group is looking for a Game Master. We are 4(or more) players with some experience in DnD5e and Pathfinder1e.

Our group is spread throughout southern Lower-Austria and settled on meeting in Traiskirchen, due to space for up to 6 players + GameMaster and it being right in the middle of all players.

Out current Game Master is unfortunately chronically ill and has been struggling with health for some time now and is stepping back from playing and hosting.

We still devote plenty of time to this hobby whenever get the chance mostly being open to most any date the Game Master proposed, starting with a big feast, prepared by the trained cook of the group, before jumping into close to or more of a dozen hours of playing.

FYI Our group is in the age range of 24-27

If you are interested in being our Game Master in Pathfinder or Dungeon Master in DnD, we’d be happy to have you.