Looking for a DnD playgroup

Hello everyone,
I just moved to Vienna last month from Berlin.
I am looking for a german or english speaking playgroup. I have some first experience with DnD 5e from playing it with some friends around the world online. My only condition would be for the meetings to be on a Monday or Tuesday, as my current job situation doesn’t allow me to use another day to meet up for several hours.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

  • Wou

Hi Wou,

I am also keen in joining an English speaking playgroup in Vienna :slight_smile: Mondays and Tuesdays work for me as well - I get quite swamped at work for the rest of the week, then I spend the weekend with my kid. Like yourself, the lack of a group means I have to play online, which is not the same…


i am interested along with my roommates! (we are 4 girls and 2 guys)
so if you guys are up for it msg us! ^^

I made up a world wich I will put thru a beta test ( 3-4 sessions) starting as soon as there are enougth players

If it works it could become an regular game

Oh forgot to mantion
It would be in german

That sounds amazing. I would love to play with you all.

I’d like to join a regular (English) group as well. Might even be interested in DMing :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to join you guys as PC, for English sessions - my German is not that advanced…

I have all official materials on dndbeyond (sans DMG and MM) so can help with char creation (unlimited slots too).


If you use Discord, I’ve set up a channel for easier communication.

Hi, also down for a DnD group other than AL, english or german would be fine for me.

Now that the Holidays came and went, anyone still interested in getting a group of misfits together for snacks and critical misses?