Looking for a DnD group

I am Carlo, I am Italian and I moved to Vienna for studying and research activities at the beginning of last October. I am searching a DnD group for playing (I sadly don’t think I have the time to be a DM :slightly_frowning_face: ).
I don’t know German, so it would be better in English. I usually play 5e (but I don’t have nothing against other editions), my last characters were a halfling archfey warlock called Mora and a dwarf wizard called Rurik, I also have other prepared heroes (quite a lot of them haha).
It would be best to find a group that meets in the late evenings (after 19/20) during the week, or at any time in the weekend.

Happy new year to everyone!



Your best bet in finding a group would probably be to participate in an Adventurer League session (usually played on Thursdays, posts are generally in the forum). There it’s a great chance to meet other players :slight_smile:

Adventurer Leagues sessions usually are on Fridays, on Thursdays we usually have a open games night, where a lot of different systems get played, also a lot of fun though :slight_smile:

True story, my bad!

Thank you very much for responding!
I’ll be alert for the next one so!