Looking for a DnD Group (ENG/GER)

Hey there!
My name is Elisabeth, and together with one more player we are looking to join or form a DnD group to play with in Vienna. Our friends are not into DnD at all, so I hope to find some cool people to befriend and form a group with :slight_smile:
I am a 27 year old tourism student, and got interested in DnD a couple of years ago.
The first game we played was last year with some people we met in Conquror’s Blade, and it was a blast. Our DM was from Denmark, the other players from Netherlands, Germany and Croatia, and we played on Roll20 while talking in Discord. Unfortunately, due to some inconsolable differences between some of the players, we broke it off. I had played an half elf bard, a Tiefling rogue, an Aasimar celestial warlock and a Kalashtar druid.
I also DM’ed a Halloween one shot last year, and would love to do that again this year if the Group wants to. My friend could also do the DM’ing if we don’t find someone who wants to, although we would both pretty much be beginners at it.
Timewise we are up for weekly or bi-weekly meetups, starting from 5 to 7 pm on. For the place, we can offer our living room. And in case of another Lockdown, we can try doing it via Discord again.

Write me a message if you are interested!
PS: Wir sind beide Deutsch als Muttersprache, haben aber alle BĂĽcher auf Englisch :wink:

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welcome :partying_face:

there is our variation of AL called VALUE (Vienna Adventurers’ League Ultimate Experiance)
playing at fridays
also it is a great way of finding other D&D players/dms to start a campagne with :+1:
-> VALUE discord

also on a side note there is thursdays-indie-rpg-group
-> Indie-rpg discord

see the relevant threads on the forum :slight_smile:

p.s.: since the infection-levels in Vienna surged again, less people are attending atm in face-to-face rpgs


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