Looking for a DM

Hey Is there anyone who would like to DM Curse of Strahd

I started it years ago but our DM had to quit do to job reasons (was here from Brazil but had to go home early) after only a fiew sessions.

I can bring a Party of 4-5 people some of them are expieenced wit the ruleset

Sessions would need to be in Englisch, thwo of the players would be ukranian girls

We thought about 1-2 Sessions a month

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Hey, I’m Kaiser, a local Austrian of Ukrainian/Russian descent.

Some questions:
Where would these games take place? (I assume Vienna)
What day of the week would be the norm?
How long of a campaign are you looking for? Book Campaigns are a bit… loose… when it comes to actual session planning, the campaign can run long with RP or short if side stuff is skipped.

Thanks for the reply

We would be interessted in a longer campain I think

yes we would play in vienna but havent yet decided where exactly worst case It would be a bit outside of the city (brunn am gebirge)

Day of week would be arranged individualy, most of us wont be availible on tuesday and saturday couse we have training then

I tend to DM Saturdays at Sägewerk, from 11:00 to 16:00, if you want to meet and see my style, feel free to stop by. Would be happy to DM for you guys if we’re a match :slight_smile:

I can’t do Tuesdays or Sundays. Won’t be able to do Thursdays or Fridays once Uni starts.

I can theoretically offer my place (1030, near Kardinal-Nagl-Platz) for the games, but I may be moving during the summer, depending on other factors.

One of us works on saturdays in a bar and this saturday another one is out of town, I might show up on my own but I cant be a 100% sure, I am on a shooting competition in the morning and need to bring my rifle home first

If you want to do a trial run of a one shot, I’m more than happy to figure out a time. Maybe a Wednesday evening?

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