Looking for a DM for 5 players

Hello everyone,

My friends and I are looking for a DM of DnD5e for 5 players.

We offer: a place (1040 Wien) lots of Snacks, great newbies (we’ve all played at least once) 5 euros from each player

We want: a fun and open minded DM good mix of combat, puzzles and roleplay

Playtime would be once a month, on a Friday at 9pm.

Happy to hear from you <3 If you have any questions, do ask :slight_smile:


Hey! When starting at 9pm, are you expecting rather short sessions or deep night runs?

I was about to ask that as well, yeah :sweat_smile:

Still looking ? One shot or a campaign? German or English ?

Yes, still looking.

A mix of both english and German would be what comes more Natural to us.

We’d like to play till 2 a.m.

A whole campaign would be lovely! They’re still rather new to DnD. I’d say we start at lvl 1 but I can ask if they’re open to level 2 till 5 :smiling_face:

that can be accomodated :slight_smile: if your group wants to discuss the finer points, direct messages are a thing on this website. I’d be up for it.