Looking for a D&D group to play

Hello everybody!

My name is Mate and I’m 24. I have been playing pen & paper for two and a half years now and I really love it. So far I have only played DSA (english The Dark Eye) and I am also the DM for a DSA group and am currently in the process of creating a second and maybe third one, where I can DM.

Also I am looking for a D&D group to play in. I have watched a lot of Critical Role lately and now I just wanna try D&D. Preferably it would be D&D 5e. I have already a character concept in mind and have read some rules.
I would prefer to play regularly and I prefer long homebrew campaigns over pre existing ones and small adventures for an evening.

So if anybody is still looking for players, I would be more than happy to join the rumble :slight_smile:

To try dnd just come to AL. We are welcoming fresh recruits