Looking for a D&D 5e Group

Hey Guys!
I am Grenom aka Flo, 23 years old and looking for a group to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Pen and Paper with.

I am an experienced D&D and roleplayer (Playing for a total of about 6 years of Pen and Paper and beeing a Gamemaster in two D&D Adventures at the moment) and I really like to flesh out my characters and deaply dive into the adventure, but i have no problem with playing with beginners.

I got all the 5e D&D stuff (books, dices, maps, different charactar sheets, etc…), this is why i would prefer to play 5e D&D. I would also play 3.5e D&D or Warhammer Fantasy 2e, but D&D 5e is prefered.

I am looking for a group to play regularly (once a week would be best) on an continous adventure (one of mine’s i am mastering is running for nearly a year now), because I like developing a character and really getting myself in the adventure, which is easier if you don’t have to start all over every month or so :wink:
I prefer adventures in which its not all only about fighting. I like it if players have the freedom of deciscions (even dodging around fights or chanching sides if they play it well) and a non single stranded adventure (so the players can decide where to go and what to do, of course with limited possibilities :slight_smile: )
Of course I prefer joining a new just starting game, but I also don’t mind joining an existing one (as a low lvl character or with a higher lvl one).

Soooo if you run a game or want to start one and you are looking for a player please contact me for further details, I am really looking forward to play again myself :wink:
I know my description above mentions a lot of things and my “requirments” seem really high/though but they are only preferences…of course they don’t have all to be met (in fact there are quite few to be met…the most important thing is the players and gamemaster fit together and have fun, everything else is secondary)…so don’t get scared by this wall of text :wink:

Greetings, a great summer to you all and looking forward to play with you,

Flo aka Grenom

PS: I prefer playing in english, but if you start an adventure in german I am your man to :wink:

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Hey Grenom!

I will be moving to Vienna at the beginning of september and I would greatly be interested in a D&D5E group!

I’m pretty much a beginner, but highly motivated to go as deep as possible in the story telling as well and make a good experience out of it - not just fighting :slight_smile:

I am currently DMing a (beginners) group of friends online to gather some experience, so I would mainly look to play as a player for now. Since no groups seem to be searching currently, maybe we can build some group of our own? Keep me posted :wink:


Hello Grenom.

There is a weekly(ish) game at the Spielbar on Thursday at 19h30. It is a great place to meet fellow RPers and maybe pose the basis of a new group…

Hey MrBeerBear,
your idea of building a D&D group sonds great, I’ll be back in Vienna in September, we can start searching for people then.
I 'll also be at the Thursdays Games Evening at Spielbar again then, so we can bring up the topic their.
Cheers and se you all again in September

Perfect! See you guys there then in september :wink: