Looking for a Basketball


Given the nature of this list I realize chances are slim, but I wonder if anyone has a basketball lying about that they do not use much and would be willing to loan me for a few months.

I can‘t justify buying one as we‘ve realized how much we have overshot our budget just with basic living expenses.


i need to check, but i might have an old spalding lieing around


Can’t offer a loaner, I’m afraid, but I’ve been playing some pickup games in the park recently. Be happy to have you join!


alright just checked … my old spalding has been given away, and my only other one is a cheap one that got reduced to our dog’s chew toy :smiley:
best of luck finding one though :slight_smile:


Argh. Thanks for checking!


When and where?



And I’ll check again whether I can scare up a ball for you!


I’m pretty sure if you’re planning them, they are, by definition, no longer “pickup” games.


Possibly. Then again, I may be talking about this kind of pickup game.


I have never seen the necessary part of that kind of pickup game in Austria.


Ball is taken care of, now we just need to settle on a date to try it out. Anybody else up for shooting some hoop one of these days?