Looking for a 5e Group to join!

Hello there, fellow adventurers and GMs!

My name is Marc and I’m 20 years old.

I got into D&D 5e a few months ago and I’m now looking for a new group I could join as a player! I like to emphasize on roleplay and I want to see how other GMs handle their games and get a few nice adventures out of it! I’m fine with playing any kind of character you guys might want me to play :smiley:

As I said, I’m only playing for a few months now and I played with a small group of friends. I know the basics quite well but I’m still kinda new to the game.

Anyway, have fun in your adventures, everyone!
Cheers! :smiley:

Hi Marc, great to hear that there’s another D&D 5e enthusiast out there. Although I plan starting a little campaign this year, I am currently busy finishing a design of a 5e character sheet, that I plan to publish at DMs Guild. Care to playtest the character creation process one of these thursdays?

Sure, sounds interesting! I’m always up for twists and personal touch in rules.

So you plan to drop by at Spielbar tonite?

Yes I do. Want me to bring anything?

Nah, I’ve got it all coverd for the playtesting. Of course you may bring a few dice if you want. :wink: 7 PM OK for you?

Sure I’ll be there!

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