Looking for a 5e game

So I’ve been living in Vienna a few months yet I’ve only just found this site and am excited to play again! I’m 21, Irish, and in the past I’ve only played up to lvl 5 in 5e, but I’d be interested in other options too. I know there’s sessions in spielbar on Fridays, but is it cool to just show up? And should I already have a character in mind or?
Thanks in advance for any information lads!
Shauna x

in theory it’s fine to just show up on fridays, but it would be preferable if you could announce yourself in the thread that is posted for those events to give the dms a rough idea about how many people will be there

as for character, there usually are pregens, but you can of course create your own character in advance, just follow the ALPG rules (i’ve posted the link in one of the other similar posts recently)

until the character hits level 5 you can basically change everything about the character, so pregens usually aren’t a bad way to start

I think a pregen would be fine for me honestly. I assume this is the thread in this category about the 7th?

yeah that’s the current one :smiley:
i won’t be there this friday though and i have no idea if the others bring pregens, but usually you can also just create a character on the spot if you show up a bit early

No worries, I’ll check out the thread anyway, thanks for your help!

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