Looking for 5e players 2022 (in-person)


My boyfriend and I are looking for people to play DnD5e with. We’re looking for players and possibly a DM. My boyfriend can DM, but he’s also open to being a player. For us, it’s not just about finding people, it’s important that we get along and click. (We’re in our late 20s/early 30s.)

If you’re interested, we’d love to go for a drink first to get to know one another. If the feelings mutual, we could start off by playing a one-shot before we jump into a campaign. We’re also looking for like-minded people to hangout with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Something things that are important to us:

  1. All players must be fully vaccinated, and should be open to doing PCR tests every now and then.
  2. We’re looking for people that want to play in-person on weekdays in the evening. We’d like to meet up regularly (once a week), and we’d also like to continue play if 1-2 players are absent (to keep the plot going).
  3. Group size should not be larger than 5 players total + 1 DM.
  4. LGBTQ+ friendly

Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more about us! <3

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Hello there!

I’ve been interested in finding a group for a while now and would love to find out if we mesh with each other. :slight_smile:
I’m a bit older than you guys at 37 and for the moment I’d only be interested in being a player.

  1. Fully vaccinated and of the strong believe that one should test themselves before hanging out with a group of people
  2. Weekdays would be perfect. I just cant commit to playing regularly on a weekend
  3. :+1:
  4. :+1:

I ll just leave my discord user here for now. But if you need more info let me know and I ll get back to it tonight after work!

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Heyo, sounds interesting.
I also agree that a group should also gel together as well.
Would be interested to meet up.

  1. Fully vaccinated and test myself before I see people
  2. Happy to play weeknights as long as it doesn’t run too late and can take öffis back home. The only thing is that due to my work, my schedule can be a little unpredictable and irregular at times, which would mean that I can’t make all games. But I am totally happy for the story to push forward without me. (probs mean I cannot DM, even though I actually don’t mind DM-ing and would love to get better at it) If that is a problem, no offence taken, I get it :relaxed:
  3. :ok_hand:
  4. Not a problem with me :relaxed:

Discord is K-the-fox#3355

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Hey, are you guys still looking for players? My wife and I (late 20s/early 30s) just moved to Vienna and are looking for a group. I’ve been playing and running RPGs for over a decade, she is more new to the hobby. We would both want to be players, though I would be happy to do some DMing in the future once I’m a bit more settled in Vienna and my new job.

  1. We are both fully vaccinated and happy to do PCR tests.
  2. Weekday evenings (any day except Tuesday) work for us.
  3. :+1:
  4. :+1:

If you are still looking for players let me know and we would be happy to chat more or meet up! My discord is Zimdar#4891

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Hey there,

Actually me and my boyfriend (we are on our early 30s) are in a similar situation, we are also trying to find a new group to play together. My boyfriend prefers being a player, but I’m mostly DM-ing these days (a group of friends from work), would not mind taking the player position again :smiley: .

The drink and one-shot sounds like a pretty cool idea to see how it would work.

  1. We are both fully vaccinated (3) and test ourselves (at least) weekly.
  2. Do you guys have already a “week day” for it? or it would change from week to week? :slight_smile:
  3. :+1:
  4. :+1:

If you guys happen to have still a couple of spots left for us, we could totally try it out. Cheers! :wink:

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Hi Zimdar and Cybermew,

just wanted to check in if you’d made contact with the thread creators? If not, I’m also currently on the lookout, so that could nearly be enough for a group again…
Very similar to you, I’m in my twenties, also fresh to Vienna, just not sure I could convince my partner to come xd
Sadly, I’m only a beginner, so I couldn’t relieve you of your non-DMing wish, but otherwise I’m very happy with the suggestions above re: testing etc.

You can also find me on the discord server :slight_smile:

Hi there shinychicken,

We could not find your handle as “shinychicken” in the discord server, maybe you need to acquire some role? I also tried to send you a direct message but the website didn’t let me.

Regarding the contact with the thread creators: they reached out to say they already had a get-together with 7 people (so they were kinda full).

If you’re still up for it, we could check to form a new group as you mentioned.

Hope to hear from you! :smiley:

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