Looking for 2 Players New Campaign (Tombs of Annihilation)

Hello everyone.

Right now we’re in the process of wrapping up our current campaign and we’re going to start a new one in May.

We will be playing Tombs of Annihilation.

So far we’re me the DM and 3 players, looking for 2 more to round up the party. We hold sessions if one player is missing (which allows us to keep a brisk pace) Missing player gets xp&gold shares.

We‘re usually playing Sundays (~every 2 weeks) 12:00/13:00 - 19:00/20:00

@Calderos is also part of the group. Not sure if the others are on this forum.

Games will be played in german.
We’re using dndbeyond for the character sheets. (web application for mobile/tablets/laptops).

Books we’ll be using:
PHB, DMG, SCAG & Xanathars
Also allowed are UA and Critical Role content.

Also sorry to all the people who replied in the old thread and didnt get a response from me. At a point the party was full and I was busy preparing.

Newbies welcome.

p.s. @Hamer Thanks for playing with us so far, I’m looking forward to the final session and good job saving everyone with well timed Thunderwaves or Fog Clouds time and time again. I wish you the best of luck for your next campaign.

@bkp a big thank to you for running the Lost Mines! And also to @Calderos and the others…I look forward to the Gran Finale next week :smiley:
ToA is a cool campaign, I am playing it on Fridays at the 1070…Jungle of Chult, an interesting environment :smiley:

hey there :slight_smile:

quick question before I can make a decision if I could join or not: on which days are you playing? and where would you be meeting normally?

as I’m already playing in other campaigns, I have a bit of a full calendar already, but still some free days xD
(Tuesdays, every other Friday and some Saturdays every once in a while are currently taken)

best, Chris


I would like to join, but I also need to know the day and place first. (I don’t have time on mondays, fridays and some weekends)

Hi Folks. We play normal on Sunday afternoons, mostly starting at 12-13 pm as long as we want to play. Tho the place, we have a nice Room with a fridge near U4 station Ober-St. Veit.

both of those would certainly work for me and not intervene with my other groups xD And as long as the games don’t go until late at night, I’m totally fine with all of that :slight_smile:

Have to double-check one more thing first, and will give you an answer as soon as possible^^

best, Chris

Weird I was sure I wrote down the times we play …

Thanks Calderos for replying, I edited the OP accordingly

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Every second Sunday is fine for me. So I would like to join you : )

I’d like to join as well, now that I’m sure I’m not already playing parts of that adventure and won’t be spoiled in either campaign :wink:

Don’t know if i am too late but i would love to join! Haven’t played ToA yet and am very eager to expand my DnD beyond the AL Fridays

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