Looking for 2-3 players for a Curse of Strahd campaign

Since @Mexikorn and @PedroAA asked me if I wanted to DM a long-term campaign, I (26, he/him) have decided that I want to DM Curse of Strahd, starting with the famous Death House. For that, I am looking for two to three more players to complete the group :slight_smile:

Iā€™d like to play at my home place in 1130 Vienna, and I am hoping for regular sessions once a week or bi-weekly. Friday works best for me, sunday works too (of course depends on which day VALUE games will happen in the future).

We can play in either German or English, both is fine for me.

Starting level depends what you want, we can talk about that and other details regarding character creation in a session 0. I think it would be best if you have previous experience considering the difficulty of this module. Also be aware that this will be a horror campaign, nothing for weak nerves :slight_smile:

So, who wants to surrender themselves unto the mists of Barovia? :vampire:


If we play on Sundays, i am in

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Sundays should work for me, though id probably prefer a weekday. Though I think its a bit early for planning yet. Regarding what level to start at, i think level 3 is ideal.

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Since I love gritty gameplay and would appreciate to participate in a longer campaign again, consider me very interested ā€¦ if you will have me, of course.
I have a lvl. 3 character in V.A.L.U.E. (Fighter 2 / Aberrant Mind Sorcerer 1) ATM, who would fit the campaign quite nicely. But a custom-made character from a session zero game is fine with me as well.
On the plus-side, Emrys of Candlekeep (the character i talked about) has the habit of keeping a journal.


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