Looking for 1-2 players interested in joining a campaign

Hi everybody,
So sadly my current group has been reduced to 2 players and as a result we are looking for 1-2 more players to fill up the campaign.
About my campaign:
-It is a homebrew world, inspired my the ancient Mediterranean.
-We are currently playing on discord and Roll 20
-The campaign itself is rather RP focused
-Combat is not a main focus and conflicts often be solved by other means should the players so choose

If I have peaked your interest, let me know. Looking forward to hear from you.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.



I used to have this problem, but then some of the helpful people here told me I should be killing the characters rather than the players.


Hello Publius

I would be interested in joining your campaign, but unfortunately have to ask if there is a set day of the week / rhythm at which the group plays.

I hope to join you in the future.


I would be interested, but I have a couple of questions:

What days do you usually play?
What characters do the remaining players play?
What source books can be used for character creation?


What part of ancient history inspired your campaign more? The age of heroes in the Iliad, or the rise of the roman empire?
I’m just about to join another campaign, but if there are no conflicts in game day, color me interested.


We are currently biweekly on Mondays, but if necessary we are willing to switch if needed to accomodate new players :slight_smile:

We are currently having a Zealot Barbarian and a Creation bard (Level 4).

For character creation you can generally use anything official and any homebrew that has been cleared by me.

Hi Pjotr,

The gameworld is basically final years of the Roman Republic meets arcane Industrialization. It makes more sense in practice than it sounds.

Reminds me of the old GURPS Rome Arcana setting, and Savage Worlds: Weird Wars Rome. Does your game use RL locations, maps, historic personae and incidents? It’s always difficult to merge into an existing campaign. More so, if one knows little about the game world.
While I’m confident to whip up a fitting character (lvl. 1 or lvl. 4?) in no time, I know too little about geography and recent history ATM, to give him/her enough motivation and backstory.
Do politics play a major role in the story, and is it required to speak latin fluently?
If you can fill me in on those blank spots, I’m inclined to give it a try, if you want to have me.

As for the date. Mondays should work, but on march 27th I’m already fully booked.

Ave Publius, moriturus te salutant.


Do you think a wild multiclass like this would fit into your setting and the existing party?

Here’s a quick backstory on Syneros, the fugitive Servus (slightly inspired by a cool Expeditions: Rome NPC):

Syneros grew up in the Parnassos mountains near Delphoi (Δελφοί) as an inquisitive child, with a knack for gymnastic exercise. While he loved to listen to the philosophers arguing in the agora, his dream was to participate in the olympic games once in his life. Years of training made him a local champion in the Pythian Games, winning the pankration and the pentathlon on occasion. His mother, a priestess of pallas, granted him an excellent education, so that his mind would thrive along with his body. His father, a former soldier, now blacksmith, with a fervent hatred for the roman occupying forces, persuaded him to aid his cause and participate in small skirmishes against the legion. When one of Syneros‘ dearest friends died in this local guerrilla war, he left politics and his family behind, in order to travel to Olympia and to train with the best. Hardship and volition granted him a great success in olympic wrestling, but a tragic accident during a chariot race struck him down with dire injury. Barely avoiding to be crippled for life, his olympic career was over, as soon as it gloriously began.

But the gods took pity on him, and a rich benefactor, who beheld his victory in the pankration olympics, paid for medics, and later enabled him to study philosophy under the tutelage of sages of the Sextii – a school of scholars, who combined the teachings of stoicism, pythagoreanism and esoteric studies of Toth / Hermes Trismegistos. While never getting back into his former athletic form, Syneros thrived in the presence of wisdom and earned a reputation as a keen thinker and philosopher for himself.
After several years of study and travel, he decided to return to his family, only to find his father crucified and his mother about to be sold into slavery for insurrection against the empire. It took all of his persuasion skills to keep her from the fate of enslavement, but at a dire cost. He had to take her place as a servus. And thusly, he was shipped off to rome in chains, where he was sold several times as a laborer, teacher, and finally as private tutor for young Lucius Annaeus.

Although life as a slave wasn‘t the fate he aspired to, he was treated well in the house of Annaeus, where he served for decades and schooled two generations in philosophy, athletics and martial arts. Syneros approached the 60th summer of his life, when his owners found themselves in the midst of bloody political intrigue. Unable to hold back a gang of hired assassins, he was doomed to watch his youngest pupil being slaughtered, along with a majority of the villa servants. Only his former training as fighter and wrestler enabled him to flee the grisly scene alive. Ashamed and desperate he fled Rome, to live as a hermit in the area around lake Bolsena, where he could hide his status as escaped slave and earn scraps as a wandering mendicant. Harnessing his stoic mindset, he is determined to live out his remaining years in the freedom of nature, experiencing the adventurous beauty of the world, and exploring the capabilities of his body and soul in the process.

I hope starting at the same level as the others is alright with you. Or should a new character start at level 1? Are there other houserules you use, that vary from standard VALUE?

BTW. How do you feel about homebrew on the currently quite underwhelming Monk class? A guy named Seth Fowler did a decent revision, which would merit a thought or two, IMO. If you don’t like it (or only like parts of his work), that’s fine, too.

And here’s the sword-staff (re-flavored longsword) that I am envisioning. It’s like an extremely slender and long bardiche blade, mounted on a quarterstaff.
Yeah, I tend to get lost in insignificant details during character creation. :smiley:

Seems I’m eager to play, despite knowing very little about your setting.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Uff, that is a lot.

I generally dont to 1:1 conversion of historical characters, I use them as inspiration and combine/split personalities based on what I need. You will glimpse aspects of characters, but you won’t pinpoint a character and be able to say is my equivalent of for example Caesar.

Happy to see your eagerness.
I am sadly already on my way to work. I will review it tonight and sent you some documents I have prepared as an introduction back when I started the campaign.

As someone currently playing a monk I would honestly disagrees with the premise that they are underwhelming, I will have a look at the revision, but honestly I see little reason to adjust monks based on class performance in campaigns I have been part of.



Aye, exactly. My latin sucks. Like big time. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, monks don’t exactly suck in 5e. But after what WotC did with the ranger, I believe they are in need of a little love as well. Fowler’s revision is quite subtle IMO and mostly addresses resource management and balancing issues. I do not agree to all his changes (such as saving throw proficiency in both WIS and DEX), but starting with 2 more ki points, while changing the rarely used ki-dash to basically uncanny dodge goes a long way.
He has a few videos on Youtube on the topic. To save you the time for comparison, it cooks down to the following (I put the underwhelming changes in [brackets]:

Level 1:

Hit Dice: D10 instead of D8 (Makes sense for a mainly martial class.)

Proficiencies: [Light Armor, Rapiers,] Improvised Weapons (because Jacky Chan!), [WIS instead of STR saves]

Martial Arts: The increase of your martial arts dice is more stringent. A d4 at 1st level, d6 at 5th level, d8 at 9th level, d10 at 13th level, and d12 at 17th level. (Smoother progression and hardly game-breaking.)

Level 2:

Ki Points: 2 additional points starting at level 2. That way ki point maximum equals monk level +2.

Flurry of Blows: The number of unarmed strikes you can make with this feature increases to three at level 11, and 4 at level 20. (Probably to keep up with fighter attacks in comparison.)

Patient Defense: As an alternative to spending a ki point to take the dodge action as a bonus action, you may use your reaction to do so, when a creature you can see targets you with an attack. This reaction imposes disadvantage on the triggering attack.

Step of the Wind: You may spend one ki point on your turn, so that your movement does not provoke opportunity attacks until the start of your next turn. During that time your jump distance is tripled.

Unarmored Movement: In addition to the unchanged speed increase you may take the dash action as a bonus action (a.k.a. uncanny) on your turn, without having to spend ki points.

Level 4:

Slow Fall: You can use this feature without spending your reaction, as long as you are conscious. (Just to avoid the awkward moment, when you are pushed over a cliff, after you already spent your reaction.)

Level 5:

Stunning Strike: Regardless of the target succeeding on its Constitution saving throw or not, it may not take reactions until the end of your next turn. (To take out the sting of this save-or-suck feature by being forced to potentially waste resources.)

Level 7:

Stillness of Mind: If you end your turn charmed or frightened, you may spend 1 ki point (no action required) to end that effect. In addition, as a bonus action on your turn, you can touch one creature and spend 1 ki point to end one effect on them, that is causing them to be charmed or frightened.

Level 10:

Purity of Body: In addition to your immunity to disease and poison, you gain resistance to necrotic damage.

Ability Score Improvement: The Monk gains an additional ASI at Level 10. (This mitigates Monk MADness – at least a little, and is far from game-breaking.)

Level 13:

Restore Balance (addition): You have gained a deeper understanding of the ki that flows through all living things, and your touch can restore the balance of ki in others. Beginning at 13th level, you can cast the spell Greater Restoration without providing components. Once you make use of this feature, you may not do so again, until you finish a long rest. (Probably to make monk more team-relevant and make your companions ponder less, that your character should have been a paladin in the first place.)

Level 15:

[Ki Mastery (addition): You have spent so many hours honing your manipulation of the ki within yourself, that you may now extend the benefits it grants to others. Beginning at 15th level, you gain the following benefits:
• Whenever you use your Step of the Wind feature, any ally within 5 feet of you, does not provoke opportunity attacks as well, when they leave an enemies reach, until the start of your next turn.
• Whenever you use your Flurry of Blows feature, you may choose one ally within 30 feet of you and give him/her advantage on their next attack roll. (More team play stuff.)]
• Whenever you use your Patient Defense feature, hostile creatures have disadvantage on their attack rolls against any ally within 5 feet of you.]

Level 18:

Empty Body: You can become invisible for 4 ki points as a bonus action, instead of an action. Astral projection only costs 6 ki points. (Makes this late game feature more viable.)

Level 20:

Nirvana (replaces Perfect Self): You have achieved a level of enlightenment and physical prowess few mortals ever attain. Beginning at 20 level, you gain the following benefits:
• Increase your Dexterity and Wisdom scores by +4. Your maximum for these scores is now 24. (Because: why should only barbarians have great capstones?)
• When you roll initiative and have less than half your ki points, you gain a number of ki points to a maximum of half your monk level.

Source: The Monk Revisited (by Seth Fowler)

So upon reviewing the proposed changes to monk, I have to say i do not see the reason for them. Especially buffing stunning strike, which has been proven very effective over several campaigns I have played in or DMed.

What I instead propose is the following slight adjustment:
-The number of ki points is increased by 2
-However stunning strike is limited to once per turn in order to not become oppressive.

We have been playing with those house rules in another campaign and it works out quite well.

Here are the documents on my world:

The general time line: Deemas Timeline - Google Docs

The factions: Demas_faction_overview - Google Docs

As for your character:

  • Stats will be standard array + an additional feat
  • You are of course starting level 04. It would be mean to start you out at level 01.
    -The character should work out just fine with some adjustments to the backstory you wrote. In general he fits quite well with the already present characters.

If you have any other question feel free to ask anytime.
Also before you join, I would love to have a short call of discord to chat a bit and answer any upcoming question. You will find me in the server under Publius as well.

That‘s alright with me. Just had to ask, since I stumbled over the Fowler stuff recently.

Hmm, I‘m quite lost regarding your mediterranean setting. Who are the romans, who are the greek, who are … well, I‘m lost. Plus, is it Deemas, or Demas? How do all the fantasy races blend in? TBH, I have no idea, how to rewrite the backstory, since I have a hard time adapting RL history and geography to your world. Is there a map, or are we using renamed RL topography? It seems there‘s quite a bunch to learn for new players.

As for character creation: do the ability scores work in my character sheet? And as a Variant Human I already have a Feat. Is there an additional one from your houserules, or do all races get one, just like the VH?

I already sent you an invite for a discord chat. There are questions …


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