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Hello everyone

Some of you may know me from the friday meetups, I haven’t been playing for a long time but I would like to join a long campaign or offer my place to start a new one with a few players. I have no idea on how to DM so if any of the DMs want to start a new campaign, or maybe a player that has been thinking about trying to DM and feels like trying it out… I don’t know. anyway… hope someone is interested.

Have a nice weekend!

Sounds lovely. I got my first taste of DND 2 weeks ago in AL and now you could say im … thirsty ;-)Especially since i can’t make to the thursday stuff at the Spielbar. I would love to play something more complex!

@Resil is currently running a campaign on Saturdays and we are kind of looking for new players. So might wanna talk to him if Saturday evenings are fine for you.

Sounds intriguing. I am interested, however my schedule can be somewhat from flexible to frustrating. But if I were to plan ahead everything would be good.

I can play or be the DM. I have DM experience from 3.5 and Pathfinder. For 5e I have dealt with mostly homebrew campaigns. I could whip something up based on any setting chosen and go for it.

Some points to be made here:

  • Time or day might not be the same as schedules change, so flexibility is a preferred advantage here.
  • A place that works for everyone should be able also be found. Personally I don’t have any preference other than it being inside Vienna. I also know zero people so I can’t help much there.

Hi Publius,

what kind of setting are you playing. Sadly I cannot message @Resil because I have just created my account. I am looking to join a DnD 5e group.

Resil reach me and I am already setting up the character

@Publius What time are you guys playing? Weekly? Bi-Weekly? Since i am currently in the middle of Job interviews i am not 100% sure if i would be able to make it to every session. I would still love to play

@10rotator01 It is Resil´s homebrew. I would personally describe is a rather on the hilarious side with some dark undertones

@Babybonkers each Saturday from 5 pm onwards.

If want to join, talk it out with our DM though. I am just the bag of emotional issues that every campaign needs. :smiley:

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