Like button?

I have no idea if this is easy, and it’s obvious that between Facebook, tumblr and disqus I am extremely overtrained, but would it be a simple thing to add a “like” button to the page? If it’s not easy, then don’t bother, like I said, I am overtrained :wink:.

Are we talking a “like” button for the whole site or one for individual posts?

Individual posts.

OK I’ve managed to add a “Like” mod to the forum. You should see a new button to the left of the “QUOTE” button. Should work in all forums.

Let me know if there’s any problems.

NICE! You rock, Neil!

Haha Cheers,

Just spent the last 3 hours working on it, but we’ll see how it goes.

If you ask me for a “Timeline” or a “News Feed” there’s gonna be trouble! :smiling_imp:


Seriously, THANK you. That was wonderful of you.

I also just wanted to say, I love the new icon for unread messages. VERY nice.

You mean the die, right? Wonder why the one before that is being used now.

I changed it back to the Viennese Crest. The Die icon didn’t really do it for me, I just knocked it together to see how it’d look.

I think the crest fits in better with the whole site theme. And it’s a Dragon! what more could one want? :wink:

Dragon? The crest features an eagle. Or am I missing something.

:blush: well, look at the size of the shield he’s carrying. He’s a Dragon-sized eagle! :wink: