[LFP] [PF2E] Looking for a Player to bolster our ranks in an ongoing Pathfinder 2E campaign!

A wonderful day to all of you behind the screens!

Our Pathfinder 2e Campaign is looking for one addition to our party, since our beloved Warcrying and Battle-Rapping Bard is finishing his studies here in Vienna soon and returning to his homelands in the far North.
We meet up on Sundays at around 5PM in Ottakring (16th District) and aim to keep the game on a weekly schedule as much as possible (I am sure all of you know the struggle).

A little about myself, the GM. I am playing TTRPG for about 9 years now and was running Call of Cthulhu since the day I started. I also ran cyberpunk 2020 and a bit of D&D 3.5. I did play 5th edition but never really gotten into it, just playing the odd session here and there. As for my style, I am more than happy to kick back while players are sitting around their camp having a discussion and emotional character development and enjoy the moment or spend half a session with them discussing the logistics and issues of running and maintaining an orphanage for undead pets with their favorite npc . Stuff like these is what ties a party together in the long run after all! I also don’t mind to throw in some good ‘ol crawls into the mix if everyone is also interested in that! Variety and a healthy mix is my recipe.

About the Game
It should have been a normal day in the costal town of Davenport when, like a falling star, a woman made from crystal crashed through the heavens into the market square. Compelled by the mystery, promises of riches and their own motivations, the party agreed to a partnership to find the origin of the highly bizarre occurrence.
The trail lead them out onto the uncharted high seas, away from the familiarity of the Inner Sea Region. On board a Pirate’s ship they endured wind, weather and the brine of the seas. Their journey coming to an unexpected halt and as they were swallowed by the sea itself amidst a devastating storm.
Awoken new on unknown shores in a foreign land they discover that they seemingly seem to be closer to their objective than ever before.
But aught seems amiss here as the inhabitants of this continent seems to struggle against all kinds dangers and ill tidings seem to show wherever our heroes venture…

Thrown in to the middle of all this, our heroes are trying to find a way to return home only to be dragged deeper into the odd happenings that plague “Unoza, the Island beyond the End”.

System: Pathfinder 2e
Allowed Books: Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Guns & Gears, Secrets of Magic, Ancestry Guide (and the Book of the Dead but I am still waiting for my copy)
If you want stuff from other Books or Adventure Paths, we can make it work (but these ontop are the Sourcebooks I own)
Time and Date: Weekly Session on Sunday, 5PM in the 16th District
All common and uncommon races are allowed. If you want a Rare one just let me know in advance so I can work it out (should not be a problem as well).

If the promise of the unknown and the wonders of discovery awakened your thrill for adventure feel free to leave a message so we can exchange contact details to talk more in private!

PS: I don’t think mentioning that is needed in 2022 but we am more than LGBTQ friendly (with multiple people from the group being from the rainbow and all) and don’t tolerate discrimination of gender / orientation / race etc. I am also not someone that includes sexualization of these groups or graphic sexual violence of any kind in my games.

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