LFP Call of Cthulhu regular group

Hello friends!

Like the title suggests, I am looking for players that are ready to face mind-bending riddles, cosmic horrors and utter despair in the fun game we call Cthulhu!

I used to GM a party for two years but moved to Vienna in May and am looking for new victims… uuuhm brave investigators that want to join a regular group.

I welcome new and seasoned RPG/Cthulhu players.

I plan on running a Session 0 as soon as we get enough players to test group dynamic and set the “rules” for our future sessions so don’t be discouraged if you are not sure that CoC is a game for you! Come and try it!

My goal is to eventually start running a regular long time campaign with 3-5 players.

If you are interested feel free to drop me a message so we can swap phone numbers!


Hi Marcel,
I’d be interested in being part of a regular Cthulhu group. I’ve been running games in 7ed for a couple of years and had to stop because I moved to Vienna as well.
The only hurdle for me would be the day and time, as it would have to be compatible with my family dynamics (e.g. weekdays after work are good, weekends are for family). I guess once more people express interest we can look at times that work for most.

Totally in!

I’d like to be in a CoC regular campaign too!
I’ve been playing RPGs since my teenage time, so few decades ago :sweat_smile:

I would also say that I would like to join if time allows

Depending on the schedule I’d be interested too :slight_smile:

me too

If you want you can message me with your Phone number :slight_smile: I can make a whatsapp (or Discrod) group to start discussing the first meetup!

Awesome that so many people are interested!

Hey Guys! I just wanted to tell you that we’d be happy to host you at the Cafe 1070. Just let me know what days you are thinking about :slight_smile: We have plenty of space and big tables!

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Hey Tom!

Thanks for the info! I will come back to you when we talked about days and stuff!

Ok, great. Just keep me posted and I’ll let you know how it is with availability :slight_smile:

Servus Tom,
1070 has become my second home :joy:
Playing there is awesome!

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Well we always enjoy having you. It’s my first home, and having you all always makes it feel more like a living room :slight_smile: <3

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