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Bin ein Anfang dreißiger und suche für eine TTRPG Gruppe in Wien. Ich spreche Deutsch und Englisch. Früher hab meistens d20 Systemen gespielt (SWRPG, DnD). Ich brauche eine Gruppe die spielen nicht zu ernst nimmt als ich ein casual bin. Ich hab während spielen gern ein Bier oder zwo.


I’m in my early thirties and looking for a TTRPG group in Vienna. I speak English and German alike. So far I’ve mostly played d20 systems, like SWRPG and some DnD.

Ideally I’d like to join a group who does not take the game too seriously, as I’m a casual player, who looked to have a few good laughs and a few more beers during a campaign.


we are an English speaking community
maybe join one of our open tables if you want to :slight_smile:

if you are looking for :point_right: German speaking groups

we have a thread for that :point_up: … maybe that helps


yeah sorry bout that, I’m new, just created the profile minutes ago, didn’t realize it was English only :slight_smile:

Where do I find information about the open tables?

Thanks in advance


look at every post with VALUE (Vienna Adventurer’s League Ultimate Experience)
→ D&D 5E (usually 2 on FRs and 1 on SAs … although might be less since it’s :rabbit: season)

or every Open D&D Table post (that usually has an 80s Music Pun)
ol’ school D&D / Basic Set+ (as you might have seen in Stranger Things)

and the occasional other stuff
e.g. the SPIRE open table


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Thank you very much! I’ll check it out

Just for you, man. Just for you.

90s, too!

(Bob Asprin once wrote that the hardest part of writing the Myth series was coming up with the little quote at the beginning of each chapter. Shoulda listened …)

Er … I seem to have digressed. Have fun playing, macskau. Lots of nice people here.