LF regular dnd 5e game preferable as a player

Hey peops, I’m currently running my own game as a DM with friends but I’d also like to be in a regular game as an actual player. So if anyone is running a game in need of a regular or if there are maybe some people who are in the process of setting up one I’d love to get into the fray.

As a player I’m more of an RPing type. I try to give my characters an interesting backstory, playing the game as the character as well as developing an accent, behavioural patterns and mannerisms.

Regarding languages I’m ok with both English or German run games.

Cheers (and hoping this is the right category :P),

Hey. Im running a campaign, and we are just looking for 1 player to commit. In english. We usually play games on saturdays

Sounds good, Saturdays are usually fine with me! Can you tell me some things about the game you’re running? Campaign setting, amount of players, house rules, how far you’re in the campaign, any special rules regarding character creation etc.

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