LF Player for existing game

I am looking for 1 more player for my homebrew campaign.
I currently have 6 players and am looking for a seventh.
We play once a week at the home of one group member.
The group consists of a ranger ,a Fighter, a bard, a druid, a Monk and a wizard, currently at level 4 and set to level up soon.
We have been playing since summer 2020 with a big corona break in between.

If you are generelly interested pls DM me. If you have questions feel free to ask

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@Babybonkers Hey, I’m really interested to know more and possibly join! I’m on the RPG Vienna group as Bearenity on Discord, and just saw this post. Not sure how to DM on this platform so maybe reach out to me there? (couldn’t find your name there). Thanks!

Will do soon

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