LF DM or Players for Pathfinder 2e

Hello brave adventurers!

I just recently acquired the Pathfinder 2e books and ran a oneshot yesterday for some friends and kinda love the system already. The character customization that makes every character feel way different, even if they share race and class and the incredibly elegant action system is something I have been missing in the recent D&D editions that Pathfinder 2e does very well.

I am now looking for a game to join in or to form a new party if there are enough interested players here. In that case I would be happy to DM as well.

A little about myself. I am playing TTRPG for about 8 or 9 years now and was running Call of Cthulhu since the day I started. I also ran cyberpunk 2020 and D&D 3.5 quite a lot. I did play 5th edition but never really gotten into it, just playing the odd session here and there. My games usually always end up being rather in character roleplay intensive. I am more than happy to kick back for twenty minutes while they are sitting around their camp having a discussion and emotional character moments. Moments like these is what ties a party together in the long run after all! I also don’t mind to throw in some good 'ol dungeon crawls if that’s my players preference tho!

I am usually the “Forever DM” and I wear that badge with pride! I am having a blast running games but I definitely wouldn’t mind being on the other side of the screen for a change!

Personally, bi-weekly games on either monday, thursday or sunday evenings would be ideal but if you are an existing group with a different schedule I can try to make these work.

If you are interested in playing Pathfinder 2e with me just feel free to drop a comment. I aim on making a group on signal, if enough people are found to form our adventuring party.

PS: I don’t think mentioning that is needed in 2021 but I am more than LGBTQ friendly (being on the rainbow myself and all) and don’t tolerate discrimination of sexuality / orientation / race etc. I am also not someone that includes sexualisation or sexual violence of any kind in my games.

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Hi RinEU,

I would be interested in. I have just played Pathfinder 1e with a German-speaking group. It’s a bit long since I trained my English in the States, but I should find it again quickly and this is also my main-reason why I joined this group here. LGBTQ+ friendly is very good for me, because I am very gayfrindly for myself, therefor, I like your statement very much! But back to the game, I would just need to buy the sourcebook, do you intent to play with expansion-books? For me it is easier, just to play the basic rules. So, if we find some more players, you can count on me!

Cheers, Orco

That’s great!
Concerning books: I own the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Players guide and some GM stuff (Game Mastery Guide and the Bestiary Books).

I plan on using these for my game if I end up being the DM. The advance player guide expands the core rulebook by some Heritages and the Investigator, Witch, Swashbucker and Oracle class and new class feats, but is not needed to play. So if you want to keep your character with core-rulebook only stuff that’s fine by me!

There is a great website called wanderersguide.app that makes character creation and maintenance very easy and user friendly!

I will make sure to message you as soon as we have enough replies here of interested individuals :slight_smile:

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Hey there RinEU,

I had to sign up to make this reply, that’s how excited I am! :slight_smile: I haven’t played Pathfinder yet (unless the CRPG counts), but used to play 3.5 and wanted to try out Pathfinder for its ruleset.

(I choose to believe that 4e never happened, and although I tried reading up on 5e I find the system to be a bit lacklustre, tbh)

I used to play TTRPGs all the time when I was a tad younger, but unfortunately life sorta got in the way. Since I was typically the DM (shows off own Forever DM badge), I would really enjoy having the chance to get to know the system as a player (at least at first!).

Also very much approve of the LGBTQI sentiments - rainbow-coloured myself, and neurodivergent to boot.

I am very much hoping that this will happen. Now, what kind of character… hm… wanders off to brainstorm ideas

Hello Nyar!

Welcome to the community!

I’d be more than happy to run a game if we get like 2-3 more players so that we can have a nice party of 4 or 5 players. I will make sure to message you as well if I have a party assembled to set up a meeting and a session 0!

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Alright guys! I decided I will definitely run myself when we have enough players together and started to do some pre-prep work. Have a little glimpse into the premise:

When toe fog is creeping,
Ant the moon is low;
When the town is sleeping,
Gauntlight starts to glow!

That’s when she arises
For her midnight lunch.
Naughty kids are prizes
For her teeth to crunch

But if you obey me,
And obey the rules;
You’re safe from Belcorra;
She just eats the fools!

So warns a popular nursery rhyme among the parents in the town of Otari, as they often sing the melodious but unsettling poem to their children at night to encurage good behavior. As a result, everyone who grows up in Otari has a healthy mix of fear, respect and curiosity for the old ruins out in Fogfen and the strange lighthouse that stands at the swamp’s heart. The heroic founders of Otari had slain the wicked sorceress Belcorra many years ago. For a time, thrill-seekers explored the ruins around the lighthouse called Gauntlight, but today, common knowledge holds that the place has become a heaven for pests - no longer a source of active danger or significant treasure after being completely picked over. Nearly 500 years has passed since Belcorra’s defeat after all, and in that time, the only menace posed to Otari are sinister rhymes and the occasional street criminal.
Or so the citizens of Otari believe.

I would run the “Abomination Vaults” adventure path. Characters start on 1st level. All classes are ok and most ancestries as well.

There is a “Players Guide” with all Informations players need to participate in this 3 part campaign taking characters from 1st level to 10th level. It has background information and lore about Otari and it’s citizens. https://downloads.paizo.com/AbominationVaults_PlayersGuide.pdf

I leave it up to you guys if your character is from town, a traveler or maybe a thrill-seeking adventurer.

If you are interested in joining up leave a comment here.
3 slots are already reserved for Nyar, Cryion and Orco. (Andras as well if my timetable works)
1 slot still open.


Hey Rin, I’m interested in trying PF 2 and this sounds like a great opportunity to do so.

I played 5e on and off for quite a while now and tried other systems a few times and PF2 is definitely on my list to try out.

Anything you wrote so far about the game sounds good to me! I imagine we would have a non-play session zero before the start to figure out the details?

One restriction I have is from the days listed I can only play consistently on mondays.



I am sure we can figure something out. I will add you to the List and we can discuss dates etc when i have gathered enough players!

Hi @RinEU, nice initiative!
Although I’m committed to multiple games/campaigns already so I can’t take a new one (but I’d love to!)
So please share your experience here.
And who knows… I can’t commit to a new campaign, but if you might run an one-shot or just need a player to drop in for a session, I might be interested.

Hello there!

I’m very interested in joining this campaign.
I have no experience with Pathfinder yet, but I’d love to have a reason to go ahead and buy the book. :wink:

Been playing D&D5 quite a bit during the last year, but only as a DM. Before that some OSR games, as DM as well.

By bi-weekly do you mean every other week or twice a week? I assume every other week. ^^



That’s great! Yeah bi-weekly means a game every 2 weeks. I will reserve a spot for you as well!


Hello! I would be interested in playing in your group if there is still room available? I do have to say that I am in a wheelchair so depending on where the game is being held that may cause a few issues which is entirely understandable. Also what is the age range with the players? I am 17 so hopefully that also won’t cause any issues for you guys.

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Hello zilex!

Thanks for messaging!
Depending if the timetable with Andreas works out or not there might still be a spot. I don’t have a location in mind since I also am still in the planning phase of the game as well but I am sure no one would have an issue with taking that into consideration while finding the location :slight_smile:
So far I look like I am the youngest with 27 years old. The other players seem to be in their 30s and 40s. I usually don’t have a problem playing with a variety of age ranges but that’s up to everyone themselves. It’s understandable if you’d rather play with people closer to your age range.

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Just an Update for everyone that messaged so far: I have you noted down and have started preparing the adventure (might still take a bit I am a preoccupied with some work related things right now - sorry!) and as soon as it is closing in on a playable state I will let you know so we can start finding dates and locations for the game!


Thank you very much for the reply. I am also fine with playing with people that are older than me.

Great! So I suppose the game is going to take place and I will purchuase the sourcebook! Looking forward guys!
Cheers Orco

Like I said it might still take me a while since I am very preoccupied right now. So no need to rush! I got my books on sale from siren games so maybe you can catch a sale as well down the line :wink:

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Can confirm that Siren Games has great prices, bought the Core Rulebook yesterday

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