Let's start the year of on an adventure with AL Friday @ Spielbar

Per usual, please let us know if you plan to come, wether you want to DM or play, and if you plan on playing what level of character you are bringing

i’ll be there at around 18:00 in case anybody needs help

I would prefer to play this time (either tier 2 with my level 5 wizard or tier 1 with either a monk or a cleric, both level 1), but i will have an adventure prepared in case we need it (either Tier 1, or Curse of Strahd which would be Tier 1+2)

I will be there as a player

I would come. And I would prefer to play, with my Warlock fella. I could DM DOMM if need be.

i would be there as a player lv 2 character

I’ll be there playing a lvl 6 character, and I’m bringing a +1 who I will make a tier 2 character for. Alternatively, we could both bring new lvl 1 characters if that’s how the DMs work out :slight_smile:

new characters have to start at level 1 unless the player has DM rewards to boost them with

I know, but he’s only visiting from Canada for three days and hasn’t played before / won’t play again after that. So I figured it wouldn’t matter too much, and a tier 2 character would allow him to play with me (he’s very nervous about coming). But like I said, we could both bring new lvl1 characters as well.

Happy New year!
I would like to come as a player. I have both a tier 1 and a tier 2 character, but would prefer to play with the tier 1.

Edit: Can’t make it after all

+1 by me.

Can’t make it after all. Have fun!

-1 from me)

Alright i hope everybody had fun, couple of notes for the players that were there:

  • I have to retcon something I told you, the Sun Blade gets not unlocked for you after all, it’s just a “Story Item”, so it’s only available during the hardcover adventure
  • @rene you get 4 ACP/TCP as you had to leave early
  • the others get 5 ACP/TCP

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