Let's Play Honey Heist!

Hey y’all! I want to run a game of Honey Heist! It’s a silly, role-play heavy, one-sheet game (that is, all of the rules fit on one page) where you play as a gang of bears whose goal it is to steal the mother-load of all honey stashes, while trying not to lose yourself to your “bear raging instincts” or your “criminal double-crossing nature.”

Lots of honey, a few bears, and one big heist. Let there be chaos!

So, who’s in?

(Not sure about when to have it…I heard things like this are often done on Thursdays?)

Heard you talking about this yesterday. I would love to join your heist.

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it sounds interesting, and yes thursdays would normally be perfect for this,
once you know a date i can say if i can actually join or not :slight_smile:

Yes! Honey Heist! In!


This sounds like an interesting experience. Im in if theres more spots available :smile:

Great everyone! Does a Thursday work for you all? Where does that usually take place?

In as well! We usually play the one-shots at Spielbar (at the same place, where we’ve played the Halloween game) - Thursdays usually are not so noisy (but it can happen) and we tend to start at 19:30-ish (but of course, it is up to you)

How does next Thursday work for everyone? And can we meet at a cafe instead? Just not a fan of bars :b Maybe Zehnziebzig since we all know it. Does anyone know, should I reserve a table?

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Thursday works for me. Don’t know about Zehnsiebzig but we could ask?

just @TomTom1070 usually he responds quickly :slight_smile:
of course you also can call 1070 directly, and yes it would be a good idea to reserve a spot as we only have a ongoing reservation for friday :slight_smile:

sadly wont be able to make it on thursday as my other dnd group is scheduled for the day, good luck getting that honey tho!

So is tomorrow a thing?

I hope so - by the way, where is 1070 exactly?

Burggasse 68 :slight_smile:

@Nixymachus – would be happy to have you all! How big of table do you all I need? Tomorrow we’ve got video games going on in the back “gaming” room, but we have plenty of big tables elsewhere. Just let me know :slight_smile:

(In case, there is a game tonight)
Sorry, it was a busy day with overtime, I can’t make it tonight

I was there around 19:30 and no one was there and soon left after that. So I guess there wasn’t a game tonight. (If there was and I didn’t see you, I’m really sorry)

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