Let's Finish Grimm!

Hey @H @mae @Alric: would you guys be so kind as to tag the players I am missing? I don’t know their forum names.

Anyway, here’s the doodle. I didn’t put in times, it is to be assumed that weekdays are evenings and weekends are flexible. If we don’t want to play at Spielbar, I am happy to host. When I don’t have people over for a while, the dining table becomes dangerously messy.


Why didn’t @Alrik tag? I hope it works this time.

Just keeping the thread from closing before we actually schedule a meetup…

ok, we are literally only waiting on @Alrik and @H to fill out their doodle.

And they are taking their sweet bloody time with it :wink: (bump)

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Don’t I know it.

I thought you were going to transcribe my last doodle. :slight_smile:

In any case, the 29th is looking pretty good.

Actually, not any more. I have the good fortune to be completely packed next weekend (Thursday Sat 28-Monday Oct 2): Thursday is PF at Spielbar, Friday is 5E 2, Saturday is 5E 1, and Monday is Paranoia). @H, are the further dates in October too far out for you to plan yet? And we still need @Alrik.

That was a threat. Since we still haven’t heard from @Alrik, I was waiting on fulfilling it.

For some stupid reason, doodle is no longer recognizing me as Siobhan, only as Siobhan Kelly-Martens. So I couldn’t update Siobhan’s availability, only add Siobhan Kelly-Martens. Sorry it’s being stupid.

I’m sorry. When I created my character, I thought I’d grab five easy character points for taking Disadvantage: Cannot distinguish between threats and offers to reduce workload.

I didn’t mean to be a tease. I really was going to follow through once @Alrik filled his availability in. But right now, I am free Oct 1 or anytime October 3 & later, and 1) I really don’t think @H can see that far in advance for his schedule and 2) still useless until Alrik fills out his.

Should I start a new doodle beginning next Sunday?

Yeah maybe start a new doodle. I guess we need some extra motivation…

There will be pastries for everyone that fills out the new doodle within one week! @Alrik @Siobhan @H @mae @Eikaron

Oo, classic pastry bribe maneuver!

Oct. 4, 8 & 9 would probably be best for me. 3, 6 & 10 are already booked.

See you soon!

ok, an updated doodle: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/xe3ffm9p7eiqt9v8


The trick still seems to be getting @Alrik to schedule himself.

As he does not seem to look at the forums, if he doesn’t show up tomorrow and we find a date for the rest of us we continue without him?

Alrik’s still in. Not that there’s even a date that works for everyone else so far. Afraid I simply can’t free up either the 3rd or the 13th.

As Chief Brody said, we’re gonna need a bigger doodle.

Can everyone else double-check their availability? Mine is easy: unless and until I book another game in a slot, I’m available.

I might be able to make some room on the 7th in the evening for a game. So if @Alrik has the time we could play then?

That would be FABULOUS.