Let's Calculate Our Return V.A.L.U.E

@carneh @Emma @ladydoomdaddy @Dahla and the other players from my table

You solved the mystery of a lost sage and in the process broke a hag coven’s hold over what was meant to be a temple of beauty and health. While the hag’s plans serendipitously hit a stone wall it remains to be seen whether their cambion servant is thankful for being out from under their heel. More likely he is quite displeased about the plan to gain access to the secrets of the laboratory having been fallen through.

You on the other hand gained:
Ildan - A cloak of protection +1
Celeste - Mirror of Scrying
Marvetta - Elven chain armor
Kilia - Silver brooch of shielding
Boromir - has priority on item selection next session
and 83gp for each character from the sale of assorted trinkets


@frogemiah @BufoBufo @Elenaaa @jboimler @Darthbinks @Semako

Thank you for the very exciting session that definitely went 100% according to plan.

Due to your defeat of Glogliducks Champion - “The great hunger” you instantly destroyed the new Goblin Empire and returned it to it’s former state as independent tribes loosely united under one elder.

Glogliduck was quickly dispatched from his new position of power by an anrgy mob of defeated tribe-champions from the “Smash-Bash”, and his son “Gloglison” ascended to the rank of elder. As a show of good faith and continued future friendship between the Rat-public, Talas and the Goblin-tribes he offered you the very staff his father had used to control “The great hunger”.
In it’s cleansed state it can now be used as a Rod of Security.
→ May it take you to on a very well deserved holiday in a paradise where all trees are considered “hot” (or whatever else your personal paradise may look like).

As you returned to Talas, you were just in time to join Jockla in his landslide victory against the old elven council and his bitter rival Brockla. After some quick discussions with his new council-of-people-who-actually-know-what-they-are-doing Jockla released his new pretty-obvious-when-you-think-about-it-law which declared Talas open to all citizens of the new Rat-public as well as the nearby Goblin tribes, allowing them to gain full citizenship should they so wish.

A few days later a delegation came to visit Talas new ruler. Suki and Ródént were tough negotiation partners, but in the end Jockla managed to negotiate agreeable terms for both sides. For the crimes commited against rats in the past, Talas pledged to provide the Rat-public with monthly food deliveries for the next 500 years. In return they will provide protection to the fields and grounds.

The eladrin, their ancient pact fulfilled, returned to their quiet home with a much more reasonable number of sentient trees now roaming about… and none of them trying to dismantle their houses anymore.
“Grow” tried to return to the feywild, but was rebuffed by the treant guarding the door, because he failed to solve his riddle (Horse refused to help), so he wandered off in a random direction in search for a new place to call home.
The Locathah sank back beneath the waves, freed of the tyrany that had enslaved them but still with a lot of work ahead of them to to re-build their culture and establish a new order in freedom.

After about a week Jockla invited you all to join him on his newly repaired boat (the goblins are great woodworkers after all). And as you sailed into the sunset he gave each of you your reward for completiing his last wild-goose-chase quest. → a pouch containing 300 pp each.

Last but not least @frogemiah also received a boon from the rat-people:
Boon of the Rodent:
The rat people see you as a possible ally in their plans and have thus decided to grant you a portion of their power. Your front teeth elongated a bit and now resemble rat teeth.

You gain the ability to use your new buckteeth in combat, by using a bite attack:
Bite Melee Weapon Attack: +(proficienty bonus + strength/dexterity modifier) to hit, reach 5ft, one target. On a hit you deal (2d4 + strength/dexerity modifier) piercing damage.

In addition to this effect you also gain a love for fresh vegetables and nuts.

Tldr: You gain: Rod of Security + 3000 gp each.

PS: Thank you to anyone who played one or more games in this little series of rat-games! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… and let me just say: You absolutely deserved to get this great ending! :rat:


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