Legend of the Five Rings one shot

After the Cthulhu one shot last Saturday (thank you again Siobhan, you were great!) I want to announce the next one-shot:
[size=150]Legend of the Five Rings - Legacy of Disaster[/size]

It’s a fairly short one shot set in the world of Rokugan, an Asian themed setting, heavily focused on samurai castes, where honor and etiquette are more important than how much damage you can dish out or how much gold you will loot. There, only the advancement of your clan is important to you, even if it means you have to die for it.You are a samurai after all - which literally means “one who serves”. But not everyone is an idealist, we are human after all…

Here is some information on the clans:

And if you want to go deeper, the wiki is a decent page:

In this one-shot you will be able to play a bushi (warrior) or a shugenja (priest) from the crab, crane, dragon, lion, mantis, scorpion or unicorn clans.

Who is interested? When do you have time to play? I can offer the 8th, 14th or the 15th of this month.

I can tentatively put us down for the 14-15 (preference on the 15), but Noel just went to bed, so I can’t ask him. The 8th is right out, I have the burger day – excuse me, Democrats Abroad celebrates Independence Day – event.

I would not want to miss that one. 14th would be best, but 15th could work, depending on starting and endingtime.

Count me in as well. Let me check dates…

have spoken with Noel… the 14th works for us.

Well, as I told you yesterday, I am a fan of the game and, if there is any room left, I would be delighted to join in…

ok, just found out I have an immigration class to go to on the 14th. So I could play AFTER that (say, 5pm), or Sunday the 15th. Noel will be with me, so that changes his times, too. If enough people want to play on Saturday afternoon, by all means play without us.

On a similar note, I just realised that the 15th felt during my trip back home. So I won’t be able to maje it. You guys have fun though!

It seems 14th in the afternoon would be good for all of us?

uhm. no. Early evening on the 14th, or all day on the 15th.

And if we want Simon, we need a different weekend :frowning:

On the 14th I’m available all day, on the 15th is earlier better.

I should be able to make both days.

Let’s summarize:

Any prefernces in what clan you will play? Also I recommend 0-2 shugenjas, not more.

ok… I know you included links in the original post, and I will look at them, BUT…

  1. What is a shugenda?

  2. do we all have to be the same clan, or does each player pick what clan his or her character belongs to?

I just got off the phone with AmLash. We are looking firmly at 5pm on the 15th. Players who have expressed interest so far are me, Noel, Frazzlerunning, and -H-.

Simon, is it ok if we play without you? If you really want to try this one, we can do something else next weekend.

  1. AmLash says we should look over the clans and pick one, it’s each character not everyone agrees on a clan. Here’s the link again: l5r.com/the-clans/

  2. Shugenjas are the Mage-ish/Cleric-ish class, and he thinks it’s a bad idea to have more than 2. I can tell without looking that I will NOT be interested in playing one, I like classes where I can hit people with things.

  3. He wanted me to stress that if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL you should ask him. I am going to set limits on that, and say he probably just meant questions about the game.

Here was the other link from the OP about the game: l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Legend_of_the_Five_Rings_Wiki

Did I miss anything?


15th, 5pm? Will be a bit late for my taste. (I got a bit of a way home after the game and work on Monday…)
May I tell you tomorrow if I can do that time?

As for character, I’d thought of playing a crab warrior.


FOURTEENTH 5pm. 14. Saturday. ONE FOUR.

I can’t believe I went through all that so carefully and still screwed it up. I cannot brain today.

So what day are we … never mind.

I’ll embrace my inner Crane.

Hoo; I like Shugenja. My previous character used to be a Phenix clan shugenja.

Anyway, you guys have fun!

[quote=“Siobhan”]FUCK. NO.

FOURTEENTH 5pm. 14. Saturday. ONE FOUR.

I can’t believe I went through all that so carefully and still screwed it up. I cannot brain today.[/quote]
Well, that changes everything. Even the clan my character belongs to.

Cancel that crab, I’m going to be a lion. Still a warrior, but rather to travel the empire of Rokugan than sit on that wall, waiting to be picked by an Oni.