Legend of the 5 Rings (5e) - Topaz Championship + Castle of the Emerald Champion (beginners welcome)

I’m going to run the beginner box and follow up scenario of the current iteration of Legend of the 5 rings.

Legend of the 5 Rings 5e is an RPG system set in medieval fantasy Japan (Rokugan) using narrative dice which is in a lot of ways similar to FFG’s Star Wars/Genesys System but uses different dice and rules. The system focuses more on role play than combat compared to DnD and uses a system called “Strife” which reflects a Samurais inner conflict between their own desires, emotions and sworn duties and honor.

The Topaz championship adventure focuses on the PCs completing their coming of age ceremony and becoming real Samurai. The follow up adventure gets them to investigate the mysterious suicide of a high government official. The Topaz championship should roughly span 1-2 sessions, the follow up roughly 2-3 sessions.

You are not required (as in: I will take care of it) but are of course allowed to:

  • bring your own dice (I will provide 3 sets)
  • know anything about the system in advance
  • know anything about the setting in advance
  • bring your own character sheets (I will provide 7 pre-made beginner character sheets)
  • carry a core rule book with you (I will carry one copy with me)

If you are interested add yourself to the Doodle. I’m unsure how many of you want to play DnD Adventureres League so I kept the Fridays as choice. We will play at Café Zehnsiebzig, Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna. I’m fluent in either English or German so it entirely depends on the group’s preference.

PS: Planet Harry also carries a ton of rule books and dice but doesn’t have a website I can link to
PPS: You can also use 5 d6 and 5 d12 dice but you should print out this translation sheet

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