LARP/Medieval dress shop in Vienna

Hi there,

My friend is looking to buy/rent a medieval dress for a Medieval Fair and was wondering if there are any good places in or around Vienna to check out and buy/rent thematic dresses?

Online shops is an option too, of course, but she really prefers offline handlers (or at least online shops that have offline store too).

Not directly RPG-related but thought this would be a good place to ask.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge :slight_smile:

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Your friend might want to give a try, Thomas always was a pretty awesome dude, but I haven’t seen him (or been to his shop) in a long time now.
But if nothing changed its still awesome :slight_smile:


Soo i don’t know of any in Vienna sadly… Would have made my medieval wardrobe a lot easier to do… But give these a shot:


Avoid holyclothing and armstreet


Out of curiosity: what is up with holyclothing & armstreet?

Armstreet is generally super pricey and will send the items with a fake value. When you’re asked for the invoice by border control or whatever it’s called, you will get fined for it. (80 euro fine on 200 euro order in my case). I talked to them about it and once they got stuck in having to admit they did it… They went with the “buuuut the waaaar”

Holyclothing goes the “handmade top quality” route… With constant “limited edition items” but their items are constant recolouring of their old collections. They are made in india and are viscose instead of linen/cotton as advertised on the website.

Their shipping time seems short but when you read their faq, you realise you need to add 5 weeks on top due to production time,…

I can go on

Oh, good to know. Thanks for the details.