L'Appel de Cthulhu

So Call of Cthulhu is definitely something I want to get into more in the future. I even ran a one-shot with Ally the other night (using a scenario from “Monophobia” which is specifically designed for 1 keeper and 1 player and she loved it - unboundbook.org/?p=82 it’s a free pdf too)

While reading up some details on the 7th edition (due next year) I came across this…The French San-Detour edition of Call of Cthulhu and it’s a beauty.

The art is amazing and the writers have even made minor but apparently great changes to the rules. Quite frankly, it makes a mockery of the official US version.

More info - yog-sothoth.com/content/1047 … niversaire

and here - yog-sothoth.com/threads/2169 … de-Cthulhu

I’ve already asked Simon if he could pick me up a copy the next time he’s back home as I couldn’t find anywhere online that offered decent pricing.

Très chic! This book is just awesome! Sadly my french sucks, but this would be a great addition to any Cthulhu collection!

For years, Germany had the best looking Cthulhu books on this planet (if you don’t know them, check out the Pegasus Cthulhu stuff), but France definitely upped it another notch. Just take a look at the limited edition of “masks of nyarlathotep”!
sans-detour.com/index.php/Jeux-d … ector.html

It is a shame if you compare that to what Chaosium is publishing… (I’m not a big fan of SC’s, and especially the Monographs are ugly as hell and a stupid idea!).

But I don’t think they changed much rules-wise. Afaik, international license holders are only allowed to include optional rules and minor changes. (I read about it on the official german cthulhu forum once). I guess France has the same license as Germany. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

@Neil: You mentioned CoC, Trail and Realms, but do you know Macabre Tales?

That’s an interesting bit of information about the international publishers and their limits. I heard the French version added minor changes (I believe based upon the BRP system) and stuff like STRx5 being specifically started out on the character sheets from the start. Like I said, minor but useful changes.

I actually bought the Pegasus player handbook PDF on rpgnow for ally a while back and yeah they look nice. The chaosium 6th edition is clearly based on the German layout.

As for masks I was checking out a review just yesterday. Jeeeeeeeeesus. forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?638 … ived-(pics

Just check out the first pic in that thread. The leather bag with the elder sign embossed logo. Gorgeous. 160 euro but gorgeous!

Yeah, that bag is just incredible!

Another good thing about the european publishers is, they make exclusive books and not just translations of american stuff. For example, they publish a bunch regional sourcebooks, like Paris, Berlin and even Vienna!

And don’t they sound awful?

Sorry, minor derail. Yeah, the French stuff is pretty.

Carry on…