Lancer One Shot session (13/04, Paradice)

We will have a one shot session for Lancer RPG.

Location: Paradice ( When: Saturday 13/04, 17.00 GM: yours truly.

Players so far: @DerHimbeerkuchen @Nat1 @BenjiBananas @MoritzRoosen

Space for one more but that’s it, sorry.

You’re welcome to write me privately or down here to enter a waiting list.

For the players: Write me on the forum or on the discord server (FrankRei is the handle)

Resources: COMP/CON < compendium and character creation tool

Lancer Core Book: First Edition PDF (Free) by Massif Press < Core rules (PDF only)

See you there!


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Hey! I have been interested in trying Lancer for a while. Is that last spot still open?

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Sure. Welcome aboard!

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