Just wanted to say thanks!

Hi there,

First of all I want to say thanks very much for getting involved with this site and using it as much as you all do. It really makes me happy. If we take away all the characters and spambots we’re over 20 members now and while we all know it’s a small community, we also all know that it’s a great one!

I’m also thinking about giving one of you Moderator status for the forum to keep things tidy, you’ll get certain “powers” like.

  1. able to edit posts.
  2. able to move posts around.
  3. able to lock threads.
  4. able to summon Cthulhu*

Stuff like that, so if anyone’s interested just reply to this and let me know. Keep it up guys, you’re all ace!


*That bit’s bullshit.

Thanks for setting up the forum!

Thanks to this site, I’ve already met some cool people and played a fun game I otherwise wouldn’t have. Good stuff!

Cheers Aech! :wink: much appreciated.