Just found a bunch of forgotten realms books

And bought some At Carla @mittersteig in the bargain bin for a euro each


I’m literally drooling over the floor.
I actually spent like 20 bucks to get an ancient copy of The Ring of Winter. I’m baffled I could have found it in Vienna.

Any chance one could borrow a book or two someday?

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I should have a stack of these lying around somewhere if anybody’s interested, and definitely wouldn’t ask for 20 bucks per, either. :slight_smile:

I only picked up a handful but if you want I can go back and get the rest for You

That would be splendid! I’d definitely take all the salvatore books for your hand. I heard he’s a great author.

Great is not the best description here. I read like six of Salvatore’s books, and at first it’s like okay, this isn’t bad it’s quite fun and entertaining. But after a few more books it gets a bit repetitive, the fun just isn’t enough and it seems as if there aren’t any real challenges for the characters… it’s more of an action movie book in a fantasy setting than a typical fantasy book if that makes sense? So, go ahead and read them but I’d urge you to not read too many in a row because that might make you lose interest too quickly. Space it out and you should have some nice and easy reads, beach literature at its best.