Just came to Wien, love to RP!

Hello everyone!

I just arrived in Vienna! I’ve started playing D&D (5e) a year ago, over this time I’ve played dozens of sessions and even DM’d half a dozen!

I love RP’ng and it’d be a pleasure to meet the local players! Not just for RPGs but for general nerd gatherings as well!


Hey and welcome to the community. Feel free to join our open V.A.L.U.E. games (D&D 5e) every Friday at the cafe 1070. Just please announce yourself (in the corresponding post) so that we can plan the needed DMs and tables. In the beginning of the post you find all needed informations. In general it’s also a good option to meet other nerds :wink:

And certainly feel free to join the discord server, specially if you have any questions.

Hey! I arrived a year ago, but just recently got into D&D - would love to meet up or join a group, hit me up if thats an option :smiley: Did you find a group in the meantime?

Heya! Welcome to vienna ^^ I’m Milo (18) and have been playing dnd for about 2,5 years now. I’m also currently looking for some nerdy friends to play with or just hang out in general if the chemistry is right! Feel free to dm me on discord: yassified obelix#5133

Have a nice day!