Just a young beginner interested in DnD

Hello there,

my name is Raphael and I am a 13 year old student who’s interested in playing a few Rounds of DnD. I like RPG’s since I can remember and read through a lot of table-top RPG’s, before I found DnD. On my search for people in Vienna, who are playing DnD I stumbled across this Website and informed myself a bit.

If someone wants to know how much I know about DnD: I read the three Core Rulebooks (most of it) and would be interested in playing and running sessions, but I have never played a Pen&Paper RPG before. (First I want to play some sessions before I DM anything, because with no experience it wouldn’t be fun.)

Just a question… Are there other people here at about the same age?

Thank you for reading this!

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There is a D&D group that meets most Fridays.
Otherwise we have less regular games on Thursdays, systems vary, it is not all D&D.

As far as I can tell, you might very well be the youngest here… I am not sure that we have any player your age, sorry…

First of all - welcome!

Secondly, although we might not have currently any player at your age, I have heard/read about some, who would be interested (like @Sarah - your nephew, if he has time?), although they do not have a group on their own (yet)

Yeah my nephew is about 13 now. I’m not sure he has time right now and he doesn’t have an account here but I can ask.

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i believe we also had a couple of 13 year olds at the VALUE friday games now