Joint Campaign

I love DMing … but it takes a lot of effort to run a good game.

I love playing … but there are so many different characters I want to play.

I love epic campaigns … but they often fall apart because of the time commitment.

If you can relate to any of the above let me propose the idea of a Joint Campaign.

What do I mean with that.

Imagine a TV-Show like Star Trek where every week you have a new adventure with a couple characters of a bigger cast. Sometimes it’s the story of individual sometimes the whole crew gets involved.

Do I need to say more?

In TTRPG terms that would mean DMs and players can rotate in and out freely within a core group and some predefined guidelines.
Together we would shape the campaign by swapping rolls of Players and GMs rolls and
everybody has the freedom to abandon characters or to only be a special guest.

If that sounds interesting to you at all reply to this thread with your thoughts.

UPDATE: we now have a discord
Please join if you want to participate.


it’s kind of a more restricted (in a good way imho) AL/V.A.L.U.E. :slight_smile:

West March style campaigns also work very well with that kind of base idea, but I get the feeling you want something with more substance than most West March style campaigns have.

If I wasn’t already in too many groups I’d be interested, maybe I’ll guest play/dm from time to time

Haven’t actually heard of West March but gonna look into it today.

Substance is good but not necessarily the most important thing. For me it would be about trying things out and experiencing different play styles.

The idea behind West March style campaigns is:

  • a shared setting
  • a “quest” hub were DMs can post missions
  • players organise the game and coordinate with the DM of the mission they’d like to undertake
  • DMs coordinate to “advance” the setting meta story

Colour me intrigued. I think it might be possible for me to join a project like this from time to time, which works out great with the drop in - drop out style you had in mind. So depending on the setting I could definitely see myself running/participating in a few sessions.

And talking about the setting, I think that is one of (if not THE) most important things to get right here, especially if you want to make it as accessible as possible for experimentation from the Players as well as the DMs perspectives.
So kind of like, creating that perfect middle ground where a rough story thread can be laid out without constricting the DMs or Players in their choice of adventure/character too much. Do you already have some possible settings in mind?

Perfect. That’s exactly why I wanna make this happen to allow for a casual but involved experience.

I have some ideas for settings and it would definitely be very open to the DM of the session.
Could be something like the Heirlooms Sphere (Fun ball of Death) from Crit Roll or an Ebberon style Airship that is on an exploratory mission around the realm :wink:

But if we get a decent amount of people interested I would do a session 0 in which we decide on the parameters together.

Sounds great so far. I also instantly had some ideas as soon as I read the post but I can’t really go into any detail right here because they may or may not concern aspects of my campaign (however far away they may be), and my players do frequent the forum.
But I can drop you a PM with a rough idea(s) if you want to. :ok_hand:

PS: If one of my players is reading this: You saw nothing! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PPS: I really hope I phrased this vague enough.

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That sounds great. Shoot me a DM.

To get things going I figured a Discord Channel would be the best way forward.
So here it is:

If you are interested in this idea I’ll keep this server open until March 7th 2021 for the initial sign up.
As long as we reach a critical mass of players and DMs it will stay open after that.

Hope to see you there! :orange_heart:

Love it! I am totally in.

The invite link doesn’t work

Here you go:

This one should work. :ok_hand:

Updated the discord links above.
Should they stop working just PM me :mailbox:

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