Join us for some baseball

A couple weeks ago, while making casual conversation before one of these role-playing games of ours, S_journ made the mistake of asking for an explanation of the rules of baseball, the geekiest sport on the planet.

Since this is obviously impossible - “Rule 9.16(g) Comment: It is the intent of Rule 9.16 (g) to charge each pitcher with the number of runners he put on base, rather than with the individual runners” - we’re going to take in an actual ballgame instead, and we’d love to have you join us!

Saturday, 6 pm. Spenadlwiese in the Prater, last stop of the 1 tram.

Vienna Something-or-Others vs. Some-Other-Team in the world-famous Austrian Baseball League. Talk about excitement!

We’ve done this a couple times before and it’s always been fun. If sitting outside sipping a beverage and talking about life, role-playing games, and everything while grown men flail ineffectually at a thrown object sounds like your idea of a good time, join us!

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