It's like "semper fidelis"

Greetings everyone!
I’m an italian guy and love D&D, really really much!
I love to play skillful melee charcters, with a nice bg and a purpose.
I’m living in Vienna atm, I came here about 1 year ago and now I’m looking for some place (a club, an event) where i can meet other players and get to know each other telling stories of the very past!
[color=#BF0000]Go dwarfs![/color]

P.S.: Just to clarify, if any of you guys needs a player…I think I can help xD

A dwarf-friend will always be a friend of my.

benvenuto a casa :wink:

Thank you so much, cheers!

P.S.: Do you play dwarf characters? My last was a runemage (caster with armor^^)

Go dwarves!
I played a suspicious of everyone dwarven Ranger, dual wielding axe and shield. Was very enjoyable.

It is rare to pick ranger with a dwarf, as long as you have fun with it I can’ t say nothing aobut^^

My rune mage (races of stone) was really funny as I walked around with an enchanted anvil wich I could shrink at my command and just put in my pocket, the reason is that you don’t cast the spells as usual but you “write” them on metal surfaces and activate them. So I was writing down my spells on metal tablets and casting them on the anvil. I loved that i idea^^

My ranger was more the type who explores caves and mines for the dwarves to dig.

That sounds pretty smart actually