It's all fun and games @spielbar on thursday

So who is planning on coming this time? who has something to run?

I intend to be there, but only as a player this time :smiley:

Think I will drop by around 18:30-19:00

I’m DM’ing on 3 different nights this week already, so I’m more or less saturated for the moment and will most likely skip this one :wink:

Dunno what games you would be playing, but sure, I might come.

Yepp, I’ll be there, too.

If something is being played, I’d also like to visit.

All right, put up your Stetson hat and prepare your trigger fingers, as I intend to give it a shot (pun intended) to a Quickdraws & Longshots game tomorrow (which happens to be a Wild West-themed version of Lasers & Feelings)

No previous knowledge required (although it doesn’t hurt if you have ever seen or read any cowboy stories). You’ll need only a few d6-es, paper and pencil.

Could any of you be so kind and print this stuff out? 1-2 examples will be enough.

See you tomorrow!

i’ve printed a couple of copies

Thanks @Tersidian

It seem, I’m still stuck at the office; I don’t think, I’ll be there before 19:30

Hi all!
Back in town after a while…
Will try to make it tonight, if not then next week…

Sorry for the no-show guys, had a last minute issue. Hope you had fun!

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